The Book Thief

SPOILER ALERT: The complete story line is revealed in this wonderful post, so if you plan to watch the movie, don’t read this. I don’t expect to see the movie for a few years, and will have forgotten the details, so it does me no harm.

– Diane Tibert

Stephen Liddell

Yesterday I went to the cinema as I often do on a Tuesday morning, one of the benefits of working from home.  Usually the cinema is empty with the staff outnumbering the movie-goers but not yesterday.

The cinema is exactly 12 minutes walk away and there are usually 15 minutes of trailers before the film starts so I cut things fine and leave home about 2 minutes before the trailers start as there aren’t many variables on the way.  This time though there was a small queue of people buying tickets and when I made it into the auditorium of the screening I was seeing, there was around 20 people inside.  20 people at 11am?  ‘Why isn’t everyone at work?’ I wondered.  I pondered how unusual it was just in before the film started, it was The Book Thief.

The film is based on a best-selling book by Markus Zusak…

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