The Intricate World of CreateSpace Royalties

I’ve got this nagging peeve that I wanted to use my page here to beef about. It has to do with the royalty payment structure Createspace uses with Canadian authors. I find it quite unfair.

The situation is this: When a Canadian author self publishes a paperback version of their book with Createspace, we aren’t given the option for Direct Deposit for royalties accumulated. Our only option is to be paid by cheque…and their is a HUGE drawback. Royalties paid to Direct Deposit accounts are paid soon after royalties accrue past ten dollars, pounds, euros, depending on the currency books were purchased in.

…to read more of this blog post, visit D. G. Kaye’s site and read her post CreateSpace for Self-publishing and Sticky Royalty Payments for Canadian Authors.

Certain Amazon has not made it easy for Canadians to collect royalties from sales. We can only hope CreateSpace goes the way of Kindle and allows Canadians to have Direct Deposit.


6 thoughts on “The Intricate World of CreateSpace Royalties

  1. 7 years later and the problem pressits! So messed up. I am infuriated. Have you found a way around it? I do cross-boarder banking, but i now have a company so having issues trying to get cross boarder for the business…


  2. I didn’t realise there was such a difference between these types of things between countries. It seems ridiculous in today’s world that there should be a difference from one place to another?


  3. As an Australian Indie I face the same problem, even for ebook sales. I wish we had the option of having our royalties paid into, say, Paypal, but we don’t. I’m sure it would be possible, but changing the systems for a relatively few [in comparison to US numbers] international authors would probably cost more than we’re ‘worth’. 😦


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