Benefits of Writers’ Groups

Are you a writer? Are you a member of a writers’ group? You should be…unless you can’t find one locally that suits your needs.

What are the benefits of a writers’ group?

1) You learn a lot about writing and the writing business.

2) You become exposed to the writings of others.

3) You gain support with your writing because let’s face it, writing is a solitary activity, and it’s difficult to always get the inner strength to support your writing.

4) You become inspired by just talking about writing and rush home with a million ideas in your head that you can’t wait to get down on paper.

5) You get to network with other writers which may lead to opportunities.

6) You learn about the local writing community and what events take place, so you won’t miss them.

7) You learn about author readings, and get the opportunity to practise in front of the group.

8) You become brave enough to let others read your work, and in the process receive constructive feedback and tips.

9) You get out at least once a month if you can pull yourself away from your writing for just a few hours.

And that’s why I’m a member of the East Hants Writers, and I actually made it to this month’s meeting; first one since March.

9 thoughts on “Benefits of Writers’ Groups

  1. Great reasons to join Diane. I have wanted to get involved in a group and this past year has been extremely difficult, not to mention, I live so far from any groups I found interest in. But that will all change next year. I’m moving after New Year’s, back to civilization lol. After I get settled and take a well deserved vacay, there will be a lot of changes. I aim to join a group by spring


    • I wrote for a few years before I became a member of a writers’ group, and then it was only because I helped start it. You never know how many writers are in your community until one starts.


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