Kitchen Counter Radios

Apparently I’m a dying breed. I’m one of the dwindling few who want a radio with a built in CD player for the kitchen counter. I visited several shops one day last week and all had one or two machines available. And they weren’t cheap…in price.

I asked a salesperson if I could hear the speakers of $65 unit, and he plugged his phone (or other gadget from his pocket) into the machine. The unfamiliar song sounded horrible, and I told him so. I asked him if the sound was that horrible on his device. He said the quality might not be that great.

He asked for a song or singer I’d prefer to hear, and I told him. He called up Keith Urban in seconds—he must have a direct line to the man—and a sweet voice began to sing. I turned it up, but still the speakers sounded ‘airy’ to me. There was no solid sound.

Perhaps I’m spoilt. I grew up when these machines were made heavy, made to last, made for quality. Now they are plastic, and you really need a good chunk of change to get a good sound.

I declined the purchase, hoping I could stumble upon a shop built like the 1980s with a few options for radio/CD players. All I want to do is play from the library of CDs I’ve created since the first CD came on the market in the mid-80s (I still have my first one), and listen to the radio for weather reports and school closures. Is that too much to ask?

In the meantime, I put my son’s CD/radio I had bought him a few years ago on the kitchen counter. It was cheap (around $35), so it didn’t sound too great, but it was good for a nine-year-old boy. He doesn’t use it as often now since he has an iPod.

So I’ve been listening to the radio or playing CDs during the day. It’s nice to hear the music always on. I prefer CDs, so I can avoid everything non-musical that’s also on the radio.

Except this morning, I switched to the radio, so I could hear updates about school cancellations because of the storm passing through. The radio reminded me of what society was most interested in: shopping, sales, Black Friday.

Good grief. After a dozen hyped-up commercials about all the stupid sales stores are putting on this Friday, I had to switch off the radio.

I don’t do Black Fridays. I’m Canadian. And I hate shopping. And today is not Thanksgiving in Canada. It’s also November. Nowhere near December 25th, so there is an incredible amount of time left to shop for Christmas.

So instead of the radio providing me with the information I needed, I visited online sites which stated which schools were closed in the province because of the storm.

Maybe I just need a really good CD player and a cheap radio I can haul out when the power goes out during a storm.


5 thoughts on “Kitchen Counter Radios

  1. I have/had a great clock/radio/cd players on my nightstand. The radio/cd plays great but the clock no longer works. I just got a new digital clock, the numbers are huge, great for my poor vision, hub laughs at the size, and sadly, the radio sounds crappy. So, I hear you. 🙂


    • I love big numbers too! They are easier to see through ‘sleepy’ eyes and in dim light.

      I think I might have found a ‘system’ for my kitchen. It sounds awesome and has a radio and CD player. It’s a little more than I wanted to pay, but it should last me many years. And it sounds great. Did I mention the sound is incredible? lol I love music. Thanks, Debby.

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    • Ernesto, I used to have one of those under the counter radios. I threw it out last year. The problem I have is that I’m smack-dab in the middle between two large cities/town where the radio stations are located. The nearest one is 30 minutes away, just a little too far for a great signal unless you have a good antenna. I used my under the counter radio for 16 years with the understanding I could get a station only when the leaves were off the trees, and sometimes not great then. But the CD player was great in it. I didn’t have an antenna and the interference with the cupboard only added to the lack of reception.

      Thanks for the tip. If I were in a more populated area, I would grab one of these in a heartbeat because I love the out of the way, but right there convenience of these machines.


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