Nimoy was a Timeless Vulcan

There are individuals we ‘meet’ in our lifetime that we believe will always be there, like the sun behind the clouds. We think them invincible, immune to death, exempt from leaving this world even though we are led to believe they were not from here to begin with.

These heroes are timeless. They entertain us decade after decade, from one century to the next, across the universe and beyond. Their respect for life rubs off on us, and we take on some of their values because we believe them to be true.

We respect their logic even if at times we don’t fully understand it. We raise our hands in greetings—two groups of fingers splint in the middle, thumb thrust to the side—because we have been taught that this is the way things are done…in their culture. We silently delight in showing our knowledge and our ability to perform this simple gesture.

Those who could not perform this greeting were pressed to learn it or…dismissed as a dysfunctional alien.

Leonard Nimoy was one of those people for me, one of those timeless heroes who was not supposed to be mortal. His quirky half-smile, his raised eyebrow and his logic entertained me throughout my life. He was a constant on one of my favourite shows, and if now I watched it, the images would transport me back to childhood and happy memories.

In one way, Nimoy does escape death. He will be forever remembered for his role as Spock, the man from another world who often visited our livingrooms long past the three-year run of the original Star Trek.


Mr. Nimoy—poet, writer, actor, photographer, musician—died this morning at the age of 83. Even now as I write this, his name is criss-crossing the galaxy social media as we remember the man who brought us Spock, the name many of us will remember him best.

Live long and prosper, Mr. Spock, wherever your spaceship takes you. And thank you.

Nimoy’s death was announced in the New York Times today:


Photo Credits (both from Wikipedia Public Domain)

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