IndieRecon This Week

Is this the online event of the year for indie authors? It just might be.

What is IndieRecon?

“Three packed days of advice and education about self-publishing and reaching readers. PLUS this year: a live-streamed Indie Author Fringe Festival, from the London Book Fair.”—

Who else is involved?
IndieRecon is being run this year in conjunction with the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), one of the best of the author-centric groups for indie authors.

Who will be there?
Organizer Orna Ross has put together an unbelievable group of almost 50 successful indie authors and publishing industry insiders.

To read the rest of this post and to learn more about IndieRecon (and the fact that it is FREE to attend), visit The Book Designer.

3 thoughts on “IndieRecon This Week

  1. Hi there … just catching up with my backlog of IndieReCon posts … thought I’d drop by and say, ‘Hi’! 🙂 … mind if I browse a little?
    Widder – from Lower Mainland BC


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