East Hants Fine Art Show

If you are in the Milford Station, Hants County, Nova Scotia, area this weekend, you might be interested in stopping at the East Hants Fine Art Show. Dozens of artists will have their work on the display. Visitors can also purchase a selection of artwork.

The show is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday May 1st and 2nd between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. If you are interested in joining the East Hants Fine Art Association, you can pick up an membership form there. If not, drop me a line, and I can help you get in touch with the right people.

If you are interested in showing your artwork there next year, you should become a member.

Here is a post about the show in 2012: East Hants Fine Art Show

Here is a post on Maritime Homesteader Journal about the 2013 show: Artist in the Spotlight in Milford

Art show

2 thoughts on “East Hants Fine Art Show

  1. Hi Diane, We’re sure to see you there this weekend. I will plug here for your readers that for school children, the cost in ONLY $5 each and they can enter up to 6 framed or completed pieces. This venue provides a great opportunity to receive constructive feedback from judges. For those who hesitated entering this year, I encourage you to reconsider for next year. If framing is a barrier, we were able to re-use a couple of old frames, purchase stock or clearance items, and in the past have put the pieces together ourselves (framing places and you-tube can be very helpful in this regard). We are very glad to see the show return this year.


    • Thanks for visiting, Candace, and for sharing this information.

      We’ve found frames in many places. Second-hand shops and yard sales are great to uncover unique wooden frames. We’ve also made our own in a pinch.

      I’m very happy to see the return of the show, and I plan to have something to enter next spring.


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