Thought for the Day – Breaks

Throught of the DayAll work and no play make Jack and Jill…boring.

A seasoned entrepreneur said this last week during the business workshop I had attended. He went on to say we should work hard at our businesses, but we must also work hard at allowing ourselves some regular time off to enjoy life.

I’ve heard many others say the same thing over the past few years. It’s easy for business owners to work every waking hour. After all, if we don’t work, there’s no money coming in, and if there’s no money coming in, our business will fail, and we will have to work for someone else.

But we also have to realise we need time away to recharge our batteries, to spend time with our family and friends and do the things we really enjoy in life. For writers, that recharging often comes with an extra bonus: inspiration.

It certainly comes with the benefit of seeing things from a different perspective. How many times have we struggled with a problem, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days, and not found a solution? Then we walk away from it—giving ourselves a break—only to return to find the answer to the problem quickly.

So schedule some time off into your week. You’ll not only be more productive while you’re working, you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work.

7 thoughts on “Thought for the Day – Breaks

  1. I like to use places I’ve been as backdrops to my writing. Without travelling, even if only around the area you stay in, I think writing can become bogged down in similarity. Another excuse to fly off somewhere. Often I keep a diary on my laptop, and refer to it later when writing.


    • I do the same with regard to using places I’ve been as a backdrop for my stories, but I’m limited to short day trips. Once the animals are gone and I’m looking after me, then I will travel. I might not come back 🙂 Any excuse is a good excuse to travel. Thanks for visiting.


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