Faster Than the Speed of Wow

Hats off to CreateSpace for their delivery speed. It’s even faster than I remember.

I placed two orders in the past week, and both arrived, as they say, lickety-split. The first was for a box of books. I placed the order on Friday September 25th. It arrived Thursday October 1st. Count ‘em: six days! And that was the slow shipping method, the least expensive one.

The second order was for two proofs—Throw Away Kitten and Quarter Castle Chronicles-Volume One. I placed it on September 29th. It too arrived October 1st. That’s two days—two days to print, package and ship those two books to me. Again, I used the cheap, slow shipping method.

Since I started ordering books from CreateSpace more than four years ago, more than one order has gone astray, and I had to reorder. Once I reordered, received the second order immediately only to receive the original order a month or more late. That one was unexplainable.

All orders placed in the past year have arrived in a timely manner, but none as fast as the two arriving at my door on Thursday.

Have others experienced the same super speed delivery of books from CreateSpace? Do you think—like one writer jokingly suggested when she heard my story—drones are now making deliveries.

6 thoughts on “Faster Than the Speed of Wow

  1. Your experience mirrors mine with Createspace. I recently ordered my new books from them, and strangely, I received them within 4 business days. I also had an undelivered order with them a year ago and I wasn’t happy that they told me it was sent and I was to wait a bit longer. Well 3 weeks went by and no order, so Createspace caved and finally resent my order because even they couldn’t track the original order, which they had informed me that I had to track but was unable to because it was through their US postal system. I received the resend order in a couple of days, but no, the original order never showed up. 🙂


    • There were two other instances that I didn’t mention. These were early on experiences, say 2012 or 2013. I had placed the order, waited a month, then contacted CreateSpace. They immediately shipped the order without question. The original never showed up, and I am convinced it was never sent. As I say, this happened twice. Both times CreateSpace tripped over themselves to get the order to me as quickly as possible. And both times, I think the original order was never sent. Perhaps it was because they were new to the game and had a few kinks to work out.

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      • Maybe that’s what happened to my order? Who knows really Di. At least we seem to be receiving our orders quicker now. And at least we have one another to compare notes with. 🙂


  2. I’ve had great success with Create Space, too, with orders arriving very very fast, two or three days. One time, though, one went missing. The order was replaced. About a month later I received the original order, waterlogged and crushed. That was when the orders were delivered by Canada Post; now they come by DHL and are much faster. Glad to know you have the proof copy of the anthology–can’t wait to see it!


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