CreateSpace Sales in Canada

New FlashThis letter from CreateSpace appeared in my inbox this morning:

Starting October 8, we began making CreateSpace titles enrolled in the sales channel available directly to readers in Canada on Your title may already be offered on through Expanded Distribution or other channels, but now you can earn the same royalty on that you would earn for a sale on

You can expect to see a title enrolled in the sales channel on in 30 days. List prices will be converted from US dollars to Canadian dollars to determine the list price.

Royalties from sales will be calculated based on your USD list price and reported as part of your USD sales for You can learn more in our Help pages.

If you would like to disable distribution to, please contact  support.

This is great news for Canadians. Now if they would only pay us through direct deposit and accept payment through Canadian debit online, it would make life much easier.

16 thoughts on “CreateSpace Sales in Canada

  1. Hi Diane …thank you for this blog. It’s a jungle out there! I have spent considerable time trying to find out about the Tax information Amazon needs if I’m selling my book through Createspace or Kindle. According to a Federal Gvt page on GST, I don’t need to submit tax until I’m making more than $30,000 a year…I wish!! And I found out there is no PST on books in our province. Yet I recall reading something about needing to submit tax information to Amazon when I register my seller’s account. Any insight on this? Thanks


    • Hello Glenda, yes, you don’t need a GST number until you make more than $30,000 in three consecutive quarters (not measured in year segments). I sent this information in an email a few minutes ago, but to those reading this post: Yes, as a Canadian, you need to provide your SIN and answer a few questions. It takes only minutes to complete the survey.


    • Yes, you can upload your book to CreateSpace where it will sell at Amazon and other vendors (if you choose to), and you can get your book printed for your own copies at any printer, local, Lulu or other. That’s what I do.

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  2. Hey Diane,

    Quick question. I noticed Createspace has NO direct deposit option for people who reside in Canada?….I don’t want to go the cheque route as additional fees will eat up the balance…

    what should i do?

    someone advised Entropay or Payoneer?


    • You’re correct. CreateSpace does NOT offer direct deposit to Canadians. We must accumulate $100 before they send a cheque. I am not charged any fees at my bank for cashing that cheque, so I don’t lose anything. Actually, I gain since the cheque is in US dollars. The last $100 -cheque I cashed, netted me almost $140.

      I can’t recommend another option because I don’t use any other option. I have not heard of Entropay or Payoneer, and I don’t know if CreateSpace offers that to Canadians.


  3. Hello again Diane,

    I currently have a graphic designer prepping my files for upload to CreateSpace, and my only concern now is my decision to use my own free ISBN that I have recently applied for through ISBN Canada. I have looked at several websites looking at pros and cons, and was wondering what you think. Is there really any downside to me having my own ISBN and using CreateSpace? And just one more thing… it’s really a technical question. Once I get my ISBN, where did you go to get the barcode?
    Thanks, Greg


  4. Hi Diane, I am currently shopping my first book with the help of a literary agent, and because we have already sent it to over 45 publishing houses in both Canada and the U.S. (with no success), I am starting to think about “Plan B”. I stumbled upon this blog while researching CreateSpace and how to use it to sell print-on-demand books in both the U.S. and Canada. If I do utilize CreateSpace, and my book is listed on, will the shipping charged be considerably more expensive because it’s being printed in the U.S.? Furthermore, will customers have to pay duty on top of the shipping? Sorry for bombarding you with these questions, but you seem to be “in the know” about and CreateSpace policies. Thanks, Greg.


    • Greg, your story sounds like many others, including mine. I shopped my books and short stories around and received many rejection letters before turning to self-publishing. I have never regretted that decision.

      When you speak about shipping charges from the US, do you you mean for the customer buying a single copy? If so, no. They may even get free shipping if they spend a certain amount (I think it’s $29). If you mean for you when you buy several copies, the answer is yes. But not as much as we think. It is more expensive for me to mail a book within my own province than to send it to the US. They have better shipping rates than we do. So we pay more because our dollar is fairly low right now (worth only 70 cents at the moment). Plus we have to pay duty when we order more than a certain amount.

      No, the customer will not have to pay duty.

      Here’s a blog I wrote regarding shipping prices and duty (October 2015):

      I hope this helps. Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck with your book.


  5. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for clarifying this! I am a new author, and while self-publishing on Kindle was pretty straight forward, this distribution issue was confusing (well frustrating really). I was trying to figure out a way around it. I don’t anticipate a lot of Canadian customers, but I want them to have the option to purchase my books if they want to!

    I agree with the direct deposit issue as well! I just found your blog and I’m grateful that you are sharing your wisdom. Have you written anything on ISBN’s? I want to purchase my own, but I’m not sure if I need to purchase them through a US supplier or a Canadian one. I will be publishing on CS and Lulu for now.


    • Debbie, my understanding of the letter is this (I’m writing from a Canadian perspective, so if you are a writing living in another country, this doesn’t apply to you.): Our books printed and distributed through CreateSpace are currently available at and However, they are not directly sent to (but through Expanded Distribution). So we receive less in royalties. It is directly sent to

      CreateSpace will now distribute our books directly to, and we will receive a higher royalty.


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