Men Writing Women

For some reason, women writers used to believe that they had to use a male pen name to make their books more saleable. George Eliot is a case in point, and only in my third year of varsity did I realise that Middlemarch was actually written by a woman.

But there is a new breed of man; the one who realises that women read woman’s fiction by the container load, and they would like to cash in on the insatiable thirst for bubbly pink romances and other types of women-only stories.

Amazon is just such a container, loaded so heavily with romances that it tips precariously to one side. And we’re not talking Fifty Shades kind of romance (that is another debate for someone else who has the stomach for it); we’re just talking about the boy-meets-girl type of happily ever novel that one downloads and reads over the weekend. And if it is any good, you feel good about life and you return to reality without any regrets — or even another thought of the book that just gobbled up a large portion of your weekend.

I read this post this morning. I didn’t know what the results would be, so it held me ’til the end. I’ve often thought about the many writers, both women and men, who ‘pretend’ to be the opposite sex to write for that audience. I wondered how many could actually pull it off. Throughout history, women had to do this to be published, so it’s interesting to know men are now doing this.

To continue reading this piece, visit Dorothy De Kok’s blog post “Can a Man Write from a Woman’s Perspective?

5 thoughts on “Men Writing Women

  1. I have one short story with a female lead and two others waiting in the wings. There is a certain amount of difficulty when attempting to get into the mindset of a different gender. I know men have racked their brains for millions of years in attempts to figure out the workings of the female mind. 🙂 Luckily I have a wife/editor who can always steer me in the right direction.


    • Thanks for visiting, Ernesto. Wasn’t I thinking something similar: men have been trying to figure out women for a long time. You have the advantage of having a female to steer you in the right direction. We can only hope men (and women) when writing from the other’s perspective has someone from the opposite sex read it for advice.


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