Completion of NaNoWriMo Novel

NOVELmberLast night I wrote the final words to The Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes. This was the novel I started for NaNoWriMo on November 1st. It took me 37 days to write and concluded with 64,092 words. That’s an average of 1,732 words a day.

So now what?

I’m putting it in storage. I’ve sent it to my off-site back up system, and when I get to the store to buy an ink cartridge, I’ll print and store it in my first draft file. I print a copy of all my stories because I feel the need to have it. Just in case.

The story will remain in storage for at least ten months. I don’t have time to revise and edit it properly until then. More than likely, it will be over a year before I get to it. I call this the ripening stage. During this time, I’ll detach from the story, and when I reread it later, I’ll read it as if through new eyes.

While writing the story, I used this quote as inspiration because I felt the woman in my story was much like the woman in this quote.

She felt like an open bottle of Champagne, slowly going flat. She looked into her soul and saw a void. She discovered that within her was a bubbling yearning to be so much more. She finally realised she was the only one who could fill that void and truly give herself what she needed. ~ Alexandra Andersen.

3 thoughts on “Completion of NaNoWriMo Novel

    • Thanks, Debby. Realistically, I know I don’t have time to tackle the rewrites and edits on this now. I have too many other projects on the go. Yet, I know it is good for a story to sit and ripen. I can then look at it with new eyes.

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      • I hear you Di. I’m always working on at least 2 things at once. In fact, my 2 books I’m working on have been collecting dust for 2 months because of the busyness I’ve been having on a daily basis. I write snippets here and there and add them to my book’s folder. When I get back to them, I will surely be surprised at what I’ve written, lol. 🙂


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