Don’t Get Burned with Copyright Misuse

New FlashDo you know where all the photos come from that you use to spice up your blogs?

Some of you may have noticed my sparse visits around blogtown and social media these past few days. That was because I’ve been a busy beaver, trying to protect myself from FURTHER copyright infringement. Yes, you read correctly – further.

We’ve all read enough articles on the perils of copyright infringement, but do we understand the rules completely when it comes to adding photos to our blogs?

Apparently, I thought I was adhering to the rules, but Thursday morning I woke up to an email sent to me from Creative Commons, telling me that I was being fined for unlawfully having used a photo which was posted on one of my blogs.

…to continue reading this post by D. G. Kaye, go to her post Listen Up! – #5 Tips to Protect Yourself from #Copyright #Infringement.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Get Burned with Copyright Misuse

  1. Thanks Diane. When I started blogging, I was using my own pix. I later discovered places where you can d/l but was well aware of copyrights. If you use Google Advanced Image Search, be sure to click on the bottom button…Free to use, share, or modify, even commercially. The pic will show a Creative Commons Logo…make sure to click on that as well. There are different levels of licensing. As long as you give credit, state any mods, and link back to the CC License.


    • This copyright thing sounds trickier than I thought. I hadn’t realised it might be for a term only (say two years). Bloggers often leave their blogs up permanently, even when they abandon them. It’s so important to read the actual copyright, and as you say, click that bottom button to learn more.

      There are fewer pictures on in my posts than others; I know that, but I’m okay with it. When I do add a photo or an image, I’ve either taken it or created it. Sometimes I use images taken by those I know. That’s it.

      I recall a similar post I read about two years ago; that’s when I began purging my blog for images I had no right to use. They all went out the window to save me from potential fines. It’s not worth having pics up that threaten my financial stability.

      Thanks for adding the extra information, Ernesto. And thanks for visiting my pictureless post. I’ll have to get creative with the animals and get them talking.


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