All I Want for Christmas

A wonderful feature about WordPress is you can schedule posts days and months ahead of time. Posts like this one. It’s Christmas day, and although I might check my email or Facebook to see what family members are up to, I don’t have to worry about my blog. It will take care of itself.

So don’t worry. I didn’t type this today. I typed it and posted it on Monday, long before the big day arrived.

But today is the perfect day to wish you a…

Merry Christmas

This year, like the past 18, I’ll be busy with kids, cleaning up, Christmas dinner and relaxing. We usually watch a movie once things settle down for the evening because our day starts early. By eight o’clock, we just want to chill.

I don’t need anything for Christmas. Like many people my age, I’ve got everything I need…though I could use a flashlight since mine fell apart last winter. But honestly, I’ve got everything I need. This keeps things simple, and I have less clutter after the holidays.

In the future, I plan for even simpler Christmases. All I’ll be asking for is a real good tan.

Which reminds me, here’s one song I’ll be listening to today.  I’ll be dreaming about Christmases in the future when I get a chance to spend it on a warm beach somewhere. I keep telling my kids that I will send them postcards.

  • * *

Here’s to another Christmas. Enjoy the holidays. I’ll be back on Monday.

5 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas

    • I saw pictures of where you are, Darlene. Those Santas on the beach…some day I’ll visit there for Christmas. Thanks for visiting. I hope all went well with you too at Christmas.


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