Overview of Scattered Stones Manuscript

Scattered Stones UpdateOn January 1st, I created a fresh file for my next major project: Scattered Stones. Before this, the manuscript was divided into two files due to bad formatting and conflicting system changes that occurred a few years ago. I wrote the draft of this fantasy novel before I knew the importance of plain formatting.

As I read and edit, I’m drawing a line. Everything above the line has been nuked by the Eraser and reformatted into plain text. It’s also been scrutinized heavily, every verb, every line, every sentence evaluated until I’m satisfied. I’m weighing the worth of every word because I have major trimming to do.

Everything below the line may have bad formatting attached to it, and hasn’t been edited.

Editing Scattered Stones

I move text paragraph by paragraph. If the paragraph is two lines or less, I move two. Instead of CUTTING and pasting, I COPY and paste. When I’m satisfied with the new paragraph, I delete the old. Don’t worry, the original form of the manuscript is saved in another file for some future use still undetermined.

Scattered Stones 03The text on the computer screen is set at 120% to limit further what my eye sees. It also gives me a better look at those letters and words.

Manuscript Overview (before editing began)

  • Word Count: 161,435
  • Was Count: 2199
  • Were Count: 565
  • That Count: 839

As you can see, there are a lot of was words, but I don’t think it’s a horrible number considering the overall word count. Still, I will evaluate each one to see if it deserved to stay.

I’ll post occasional updates as I progress. The scheduled release date for Scattered Stones, the second book in the Castle Keepers series, is May 6, 2017.

PS: I’m playing around with the cover. The basic text will remain the same, but the background will probably change.

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