Editor for Hire

I have a confession to make. Over the past two years, I’ve been editing on the side. Writers have been contacting me and asking if I could ‘take a look at’ their stories, or they’ve come right out and asked, “Will you edit my manuscript?”

Editing has exposed me to many styles of writing. Each one is unique in their own way. Many are far from mine, and that’s perfect. No two people should write alike.

These writers have found me online or in person without advertising but now, I’m ready to reveal myself as an editor.

My editing philosophy is simple. I edit for clarity, so readers comprehend sentences the first time they are read. This may involve rearranging phrases within a sentence, suggesting a different verb or removing unnecessary words that clutter the view. I strive to keep the words used by the writer because word usage is part of their style.

My goal is to maintain the style of the writer and not transform it into my own style.

Now I have a question for you? Is one of your goals to self-publish a book in 2016? Do you need an editor? I’m for hire.

To get an idea of how I edit, send 300 words of your story to me (quartercastle@bellaliant.net). I’ll return it with editing suggestions with no obligations to hire me.

To learn more about my rates and services, check out my Editing Services page.

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11 thoughts on “Editor for Hire

  1. Still, I really appreciate your support and think you are amazing. I remember my early days of blogging too. I had my own mentors (Laura Best – wink). I love the blogging community. I believe it’s very supportive. I find very few nasty comments, and I’ve read a lot of posts in the past five years.


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