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Throught of the DayIn the past few months, I’ve visited a lot of blogs, more so than usual. I’m trying to be more social because for a while there, I wasn’t getting out much.

When I read a good post, I like to inform the writer that I liked it. LIKE buttons allow me to do this with little effort.

Sometimes I like to comment on the post, so I do. But I’ll tell you, some blogs make me jump through hoops to get that comment added. A few make me do it twice. There’s one blog I never comment on anymore because I have no idea how to get it right the first time. It is frustrating to write a comment only to have it disappear without a trace while I am answering math questions or figuring out those wavy letters to let the host know I am not a robot.

I believe I’m not the only one having issues with that particular blog set up. I rarely see comments on it. When I say rarely, I mean one in every ten posts. There’s not even a LIKE button for me to let the writer know I enjoyed the post.

Another thing I like to do if I really like the post and feel others will benefit from it, is share it on Twitter. That blue bird icon does this for me in one click. I love it.

But not all sites have this tweeting button. I know WordPress blogs have the option to add this, but I see many new blogs that are void of the blue bird. I’ve spoken with a few, and they didn’t know how to add it. So, here’s a lesson for everyone using WordPress.

Go to your WordPress DASHBOARD, choose SETTINGS, then SHARING. You’ll see the screen below that contains the Sharing Buttons. Under Available Services are all the buttons you can use on your blog to allow others to share your pages and posts.Twitter Adding3

To add the Twitter share button to your posts, just drag and drop it into the Enabled Services section. That’s it.

Whoops. That’s not all. You have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue button that states: Save Changes.

Now you’re done, and anyone who reads your posts and wants to share it with the world can do so quickly and easily.

Happy Tweeting. Happy Sharing.

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24 thoughts on “Adding Twitter to Your Blog Posts

  1. I’m pleased I noticed this post, Diane, because I’ve only recently joined Twitter. I’m at the stage where I’m really not sure what else to do with it, other than tweet my blog posts. Hopefully, I’ll find out as I go along. And one day, perhaps i’ll even take a ‘proper look’ at FaceBook.


  2. I’m with you on the jumping through hoops to comment. It drives me wild and frankly I usually give up! It’s one of the reasons i have stayed with rather than going to a self hosted site. WordPress can take care of all the SPAM and security. 🙂

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  3. Good of you to remind people to share the love when they read a post. It takes a nano second to hit any one of those share buttons. And I’m with you on ‘jumping hoops’. There’s a few blogs I persistently have that same problem with. After 2 attempts I leave. I’m not sure what causes it though. I have 2 faithful follower bloggers who constantly remind me that when they’re writing a comment on my blog ‘it times out’. I don’t even know what that means. I’ve only ever heard it from the same 2 bloggers, who incidentally, don’t have WordPress blogs.
    Also I will add, for those bloggers who do have the ‘tweet’ button on their blog, but don’t add their name, they’re missing out. Many blogs we tweet in share go to, therefore, the blogger gets not credit or traffic back from the tweet.

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  4. I have a feeling that you may be referring to self-hosting blogs where leaving comments can be difficult, Diana? I only say that because I follow a number of them and each time I leave a comment I have to complete all my details again (name of my blog and its web address, my name and an email address). With some, I then have to go to my email box and click on a ‘subscribe’ link in order for my comment to show up. As I’ve already signed up to get emails every time the author publishes a new post I do find that having to complete all the details again and again can be rather irritating.

    As for Twitter, what gets me is that many bloggers have that sharing button, but when you click on it to share their post their Twitter Handle does not show up. Instead, you get showing up. Some even do not have a Twitter account. I guess it all comes down to finding out how to do certain things, so your instructions in this post will be very helpful.

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    • Hello, Hugh. Yes, I think you’re right; it’s mostly self-hosted blogs that make us jump through hoops. But I’ve come across several blogs–I think the host is Blog Spot (similar to WordPress)–that makes it difficult to comment and share too. Or perhaps it is only the bloggers themselves who don’t know how to make it easy for anyone who to comment.

      This particular one I’m thinking of is something I’ve not seen anywhere else. I’ve commented, clicked post comment, then was taken to a new page to complete the “I’m not a Robot” section, but my comment disappeared and I couldn’t go back. Then I made a shorter comment (they always get shorter, the more times I try to post), and again, it was gone. I tried to find a contact email to let the blogger know, but sadly, there was none to be found. That’s another thing I should make a post about: an easy method to contact the blogger. There’s been times I’ve had to leave a comment on the About page to contact the blogger because I couldn’t find an email.

      Perhaps @wordpress comes up when the blogger doesn’t have a Twitter account or doesn’t have it connected to their blog. I’ll have to look for that the next time I tweet about a post.

      Thank you for the added insight to this.

      By the way, Hugh, have you heard of the OpenDyslexic font? I wrote about it here:


      • Hi Diane, I’m not that familiar with other blogging platforms. However, the other thing I can say I do not like about leaving comments on WordPress is that when there are hundreds of comments left on a post you have to scroll, scroll. scroll to get to leave a comment. I guess they do it so it encourages you to read the other comments, but when there are hundreds of them then that can take up a heck of a lot of valuable writing time up.

        I have heard of comments getting lost. In fact, I’ve just read a comment on another blog from a frustrated blogger about it being the third time she was trying to leave a comment. It can be very frustrating, especially when you’ve responded with a long comment and it just ends up in a big black hole. I so get the ‘not being able to contact the blogger’ as well. I think that may be down to people simply not knowing how to set up a ‘contact me’ icon on their page.

        Thank you for the link about the Open Dyslexic font. I’ll certainly check it out.
        Best wishes,


        • WordPress gives the option of posting newer comments at the top of the fee–I just made the change this morning–but I can’t see how to move the comment box up to the top of the comments. If I figure it out, I’ll write a post about it.

          Sometimes I want to read all those comments, and other times I don’t. When I do encounter the comment box on the top of all the comments, I find it a refreshing change, so my brain likes it.

          I assume some individuals don’t know they can add or change things on their blogs; I mean, I was that inexperienced blogger five years ago. I keep learning and listening to comments.

          Have a great day. And happy writing, Hugh.


    • It boggles my mind how difficult it is to comment on some blogs. It’s almost as if they don’t want comments.

      I’ve often thought about using other blogging hosts, but WordPress makes all this sharing and commenting super easy.

      Thanks for commenting, Darlene.


  5. This really resonates with me. Folks, make your blog post easy to share on SM. Just because you don’t use Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest doesn’t mean your readers don’t! And if you want to approve all comments (as I do on my blog) do so in a timely manner. And acknowledge comments. That’s only polite!

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    • I agree, Judy. I forgot to mention that fact: A blogger may not use Twitter or other social media, but many of their followers do, so they should add the share buttons. It only benefits them as their words get spread across different networks.

      Thanks for mentioning that.


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