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New FlashA campaign has been running in Nova Scotia for the past several years. It’s called Buy Local. I believe it started to encourage people to buy locally-produced food, however, it quickly spread to other locally produced items: clothing, furniture and books.

We are the second smallest province in Canada, and for us to survive and thrive, we need to support our local small businesses and local producers. This includes our local authors. When we support our authors, we give our province a voice. We allow them to continue to spread our stories, our way of life and our unique view of the world. We also support our history because our writers know our history best.

I support local in Nova Scotia because I live here. I encourage everyone to support their local businesses, producers and authors, wherever you live.

One way to support both local authors and businesses in one transaction is to buy local books at locally-owned book stores. Our local Chapters and Coles stores are easy to find but our independent books stores are not.

To help you find these unique stores, I have created a page specifically for them. They are listed in alphabetical order. If they have a website, I’ve included the link.

Check it out here at Nova Scotia Independent Books Stores.

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3 thoughts on “Independent Book Stores

  1. I totally agree, Diane about supporting local. We’re slowly losing our independent book store. A few years back we lost one in our area. I still miss it, and the owners. They provided the books for my first launch. Thanks for this reminder. I’m going to take a peek at your list now!


    • We had our local independent book store close a few years ago. It sold new and used books. It was holding its own until the mall dramatically raised the rent.

      Seeing these small businesses close is sad for the customers and the communities.

      Thanks for visiting, Laura, and for leaving a comment.

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