Scattered Stones Cover Release and Proof Order

The novel I conceived in the second half of 2009 is now in the birthing canal.

Yesterday I placed an order for a proof copy of Scattered Stones. After I hit the CONFIRM button, I sat back and thought about the journey to give me a better perspective of what I had done.

In May 2010, I had written the last 60,000 words in a rush to reach the end. Then the manuscript went through multiple edits, being read and sporadically edited by beta readers. I edited and revised when I found time, often between stints of working outside the home. For six months in 2014, I barely had a chance to look at it because I worked six to seven days a week, putting in ten-hour days at a garden centre. This sort of schedule doesn’t leave much time to eat, sleep and say hello to the kids, let alone hours bellied-up to a computer to edit a novel.

Since January 2016, the push was on to finish the edits, prepare the additional material to accompany the story and design the cover.

From the many helpful suggestions and the voting from last Sunday’s post Help Me Choose a Cover for My Epic Fantasy Novel, I’ve settled for a cover similar to the first book in the series Shadows in the Stone.

Thank you to everyone who voted and offered suggestions. It pointed me in the direction I needed to go even though I was hip to try teal and orange.

Covers #2 and #6 received the most votes.

Sample 02
Sample 02
Sample 06
Sample 06








The path through the woods makes perfect sense because the main characters spend time on The Trail. This could easily be a trail in their world though it was taken at Victoria Park, Truro, NS, several years ago.

Picture 138

Front Cover Revealed

Cover sample #6 was tweaked with the fonts adjusted to fit onto the print version. I prefer to have the eBook cover match the paperback copy. Not everyone does.


Full Cover Reveal

As you can see, I did get my teal and orange on the back cover. I wanted to keep it simple, so I didn’t add a photograph to the back. Simple is not only easier, many times it is better: less is more.


Proof Ordered

I ordered the paperback proof around 11:00 am on Saturday. About five hours later, I received a message to say it was shipped. The expected arrival is May 6th, but if it’s anything like last October, I’ll have it Faster than the Speed of Wow. Which means reading the proof copy could start as early as Monday, but probably Tuesday.

Take a Break

Laughing. What’s that? Maybe in the future, I’ll take a break after completing a big project, but right now, my thoughts are already pondering the next project on the radar. My goals for the rest of 2016 are…

  • Edit and publish Impressions – contemporary short story
  • Edit and publish Roots to the Past – Volume 1 (a collection of genealogy columns)
  • Research, write, edit and publish They Came from Downeast (a collection of biographies of First World War veterans from Guysborough County)
  • Edit and publish The Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes (contemporary novel about mid-life)
  • Complete the draft of Revelation Stones, Book 3 of The Castle Keepers series

But today, I’ll take a breath, organise my schedule for the week and bask in the wonders of knowing my most favourite book to date is about to be born.

16 thoughts on “Scattered Stones Cover Release and Proof Order

  1. What a long journey Di. Congrats on your accomplishments from one writer to another, I know the task and how life can get in the way of our intentions. The cover looks great. Now, do take a breather! 🙂


    • Thanks, Debby. I promised myself book 3 won’t take six years from start to finish. I hope to have it out in two (May 2018). If it’s not, I’m locking myself in a room until it’s done. I’m glad you like the cover. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

        • I plan to, Debby. Today we buried an old friend and family member, and I spent time with some family I haven’t seen for awhile. It reminded me of how short life can be and that I really need to add more living into my life.

          Returning to my father’s birth home always makes me feel like my pillow rests in the wrong place. It was his favourite place to be and it’s mine. I miss the water, I miss the quiet of a small country community and I miss the people who I’ve known all my life.

          Liked by 1 person

            • Thanks, Debby. I’ve been feeling that way lately anyways–that I’m not where I belong–but yesterday drove it home. My cousin double-dared me to ‘retire’ in that place we love. I took him up on it. I don’t need encouragement; I need only time for kids to finish high school. I don’t want to move and take them away from their friends. And the place is so far out there, the nearest school is 25 minutes away. But I’ll be doing more serious planning, downsizing and scheming to make this dream come true. After all, it’s where I want to build my castle.

              Liked by 1 person

            • Where is it Di? And I know how you feel. The first time I ever went to Arizona, I felt I’d found where I belong. I know I’ve lived in Toronto all my life, yet never felt it was my home. It’s something difficult to explain, but it’s in my inner being and intuition that guides me. I hope to be living my dream one day too. The object is to focus on ‘being there’. As you know, the law of attraction is no myth. We get what we focus on, so we need to keep focusing on our end goals, our dream. 🙂


    • Thanks, Tracy. I like to think of writing as a journey, not a destination. Looking back, thinking of all the hurdles I had to jump to get to this point, makes me realise the amount of work that goes into each book; mine, yours and every book out there. It’s a lot of work, and I sometimes forget that.

      And this week, I begin another journey.


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