Stalked by Cats, Dogs and Food

guinea-fowlIs it just me, or are many other bloggers these days being followed by blogs that only post pictures of either cute cats, adorable dogs or tasty food dishes?

A few times a week, I get a notice about a new follower. I always visit the new follower’s page to see what information they are sharing with the world. Because my site is about writing, publishing and similar topics, sites that follow me almost always discuss the same subjects.

Except lately. For the past three or four months, I’ve been followed by individuals who only post pictures. The blogs have cute names such as “Cute Cat Pictures” or something similar. When I visit the site, I find posts that consist of only pictures and no words. This isn’t new because I’ve seen blog posts made up of images before. But what is new is the format and picture content: one picture per post consisting of an animal or food.

The pictures are professional quality, which leads me to believe they were picked off the Internet. Also, these blogs are usually quite young, having been started within the past six months. Some are as young as a few weeks old.

If I had seen only one site, I’d think it was one person sharing their favourite photos. However, the few dozen sites I’ve visited makes me think otherwise.

I’m not going to link to any of these sites, and I’m not going to use their names because they are looking only for traffic. I don’t know what they are selling, but they must be selling something. It must be the new trend in marketing to drive traffic to a site.

The second thing I’ve noticed about some of these sites is they have followed me more than once. To do that, they first need to unfollow me. By following me a second time, it alerts me to their follow—again.

I’ve seen this strategy used on Twitter many times. Someone follows me, and within a week, if I haven’t followed back, they unfollow to follow me again, once again triggering a notice to be sent to my inbox that they have followed me.

Am I the only target? I doubt it. Who else has been followed by cats, dogs and food?

I’ll leave you with a cute goat picture. I’ve only been followed by a goat in real life, not online.


13 thoughts on “Stalked by Cats, Dogs and Food

  1. Thankfully I can say that I haven’t encountered these mysterious followers of my blog in particular, but I have noticed a couple of ‘stalker’ type followers ‘liking’ comments I leave on other people’s blogs. These ‘likers’ I have never come across as regular followers who comment on those blogs I visit and can’t help but wonder why they are ‘liking’ me with over abundance, yet aren’t showing up at my own blog. Strange eh? 🙂


    • Debby, I never thought about that, but I’ve seen that too: random likes on my comments at other blogs. When I had time, I’d always check out that person. The often weren’t discussing things I would be interested in.

      But they may be liking for the same reason as these cute animal blogs are following me: to draw visitors to their site.

      Strange is right. Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment.

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  2. Yeah … been getting a lot of cat and fashion blog ‘followers’. I reckon someone sold a whole lot of URL’s to another whole bunch of ‘click-baiters’ and away they went.


    • You may be right about the click baiters. It’s all about how many visitors there are to a site.

      I just got another cut picture blog following me today. The post contains no words, only one photo. It began in March 2016, so it’s a relatively young blog, but by the likes the pictures are getting, it has lots of followers.

      It is a wordpress blog because the name is still in the URL.

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  3. Yes, I’ve had this. I decided long ago only to follow blogs I have an interest in. I just can’t cope with daily (sometimes up to a dozen times a day) notifications of randy dogs, cute cats and cuddly hamsters. These bloggers are welcome to follow me, but, sorry, I won’t follow them back. No idea whether it’s to lure buyers or whatever, or whether it’s merely to rack up a substantial list of followers which can then be boasted of. That seems quite important in today’s world.

    Pets apart, if you write about things other than writing and books – places visited, life, even food and fashion – I’m open to reading about these as it helps me find out more about the world I live in and the lives lead by others. For me that is one of the plusses of blogging that hopefully help me become a more rounded writer.


    • Like you, I only follow blogs that interest me, but I can’t follow them all. I have only so many hours in the day. I also follow blogs that aren’t about writing because I want to learn about what else is out there or how to do something (such as gardening). I also follow a few genealogy and history blogs. I can spend hours reading them; they are fascinating.

      I agree: it is a plus to read these blogs and they help us become more rounded writers.

      I believe these cat, dog and food dish picture blogs are increasing, so we’re apt to see more of them. Then we will probably be able to figure out what they are doing and why they are doing it.

      Thanks for your comments.


  4. I’ve been getting a lot of fashion blogs lately and a lot of blogs that clearly aren’t completely setup or are clearly just spam content. Lots of wacky folks on the internet these days.


    • I think it’s spreading through the Internet so eventually, you’ll have a visit from a cat, dog or food dish. Thanks. This is Petunia, our oldest and largest goat. She’s like the old mother hen with all the kids in the yard.


  5. Well, this is bizarre. Thankfully, I’ve been spared this. With the way the world works, it is possible, if not likely, there is something nefarious. Then again, there are just odd people out there too.

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    • John, that was my first thought when I began exploring these blogs, and like you, I believe there might be something nefarious about them. I suppose we all have our oddities, but I still believe it has something to do with marketing. Thanks for visiting, and for adding your thoughts.


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