A Busy Weekend of Events

There are many events going on around the province this weekend so if you live in Nova Scotia, you have plenty to keep you busy. Here are just three events I’m either involved in or wish I was involved in.

Craft Show: First up is the In Hants Craft Show at the Milford Recreation Hall, Milford Station, East Hants. The show hosts the creative works of more than sixty local crafters. You’ll find everything from quilts to cookies, from fancy hats to wooden carvings. You shop as if you’re in a gift shop, then pay for your purchase all at once at the check-out using cash, Visa or MasterCard.

This is the second year I’ve participated in the show. Last year I sold books and homemade goat milk soap. Only my books are there this year.

The hours of operation are Friday (9:00 am to 9:00 pm), Saturday (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) and Sunday (12:00 pm to 5:00 pm). I was there for more than four hours today, and a steady stream of people came and went, many carrying baskets of goodies and gifts out the door.

Did I mention admission is FREE? Don’t forget to fill out an entry form for a chance to win the gift basket.

HalCon: The other big event I’m involved in this weekend is HalCon. If you don’t have your tickets by now, you’re out of luck. I bought mine when they went on sale in June. Within the first week, certain passes sell out. A few passes sell out in a matter of minutes.

I won’t be a vendor or sitting on a panel at this year’s event. Other commitments and other issues stood in the way. So on Saturday, I’ll just be a spectator.

HalCon 2015 and some of the characters who attended.
HalCon 2015 and some of the characters who attended.

Several panels that might interest writers taking place on Saturday include:

  • 10:00 am Editing and Formatting
  • 11:00 am Creative Process
  • 1:00 pm Top Tips for Creating Comics
  • 1:00 pm New Media: From Page to Stage to Screen
  • 3:00 pm Charles deLint Reading
  • 4:00 pm The Business of Comics
  • 5:00 pm World Building
  • 6:00 pm Are Graphic Novels Just a Fancy Name for Comic Books?
  • 6:00 pm The Faults in Disney Villains
  • Author signings throughout the day

There are dozens of panels and presentations. Check the schedule (Info – Main Schedule) on their website to see which ones may interest you, such as Armour Making at 12:00 pm with Captain America. Okay, he’s not the Captain America, but the first time I met him he was dressed as Cap as we stood in line to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. His suit is awesome and I may be coerced by my youngest child to create an Iron Man suit, so I should attend.

Book Fair: The Fall for Books Fair takes place Sunday November 6th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at The Old School Community Gathering Place, 7962 Highway &, Musquodoboit Harbour, Halifax County. Many wonderful authors will be there doing readings and selling their books.

I won’t be there this year because I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. I’m hoping next year it won’t fall on the In Hants Craft Show weekend, so I can attend.

2 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend of Events

    • It’s been so far. There’s only a few hours left of the craft show and then it’s clean up time. I think I’ll need a movie, tea and popcorn to give my brain a rest this evening.

      I’ll report on HalCon later this week. As always, it’s an amazing experience. Now I can’t wait until next year. I might attend all three days since it will be in September in 2017 and won’t interfere with other events.


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