Saturday Morning News Briefs

Shadows in the Stone Permanently Free at Amazon

FREE eBook Read Everywhere

Many years ago, before self-publishing really took, the goal for many writers was to get a book permanently free at Amazon. It was relatively easy back then but for the past six years, Amazon has been reluctant to set books at permanently free. I was told the only way to do it was to set it for free at other vendors and hope (or scheme) customers would tell on you and Amazon would price match it. However, I’ve tried this several times over the years without luck. Until now.

I checked my sales record this week and discovered the book was being sold for free starting on May 9th. Yet, the book still showed a price of $0.99. Confused, I let it play out, watching my books be purchased for an invisible free price sticker. Last night, I checked again, and the Amazon sites finally revealed the true price: FREE.

Why do authors want a book permanently free? In my case, it’s because I want the first book in the series free in hopes the second book will be bought. Next spring, I hope to publish book 3 in the series, and with this boost in ‘sales’, it should do well. At least that is the hoped for outcome.

You can download Shadows in the Stone at Amazon Canada and Amazon US.

Who’s Pointing at Your Book at Amazon

Last week I shared David Gaughran’s experience with Also Boughts at Amazon. Since then, he’s written a post to share more information on this subject from a different angle. Gaughran’s experience in analysing data such as this helps explain some of the mysteries behind how Amazon works. Read more about this in David Gaughran’s post Who’s Pointing at You.

Is Your Book Sold at Walmart?

If you automatically answered no like me, think again. My book might not be physically on their shelves in a given location, but that doesn’t mean Walmart isn’t selling it. To learn more about this odd, yet strangely wonderful vendor experience, read Walmart is Carrying a Self-Pub POD Book In-Store on the Digital Reader website. By the way, Walmart is selling one of my books, Fowl Summer Nights. Check it out here.

The Appeal of the Old-fashioned Romance and Why it’s Still in Style

“It is all about the eyes and passions hidden within them. The story is about how they come together just as Darcy and Elizabeth do in Pride and Prejudice. It is about two souls connecting and falling in love as well as overcoming misguided prejudices and indeed changing how they both view the world. The focus of the story is on social themes; it isn’t about whether or not they are going to sleep together.” Isn’t that a lovely way to view romance? And that is what appeals to millions of woman worldwide. To read more, visit The Silver Petticoat Review website.

Fantasy From the Rock

“Twenty-One short stories written by an eclectic mix of some of the best fantasy authors in Atlantic Canada, some of them award-winning veterans of their field and some of them new to the craft! Edited by Erin Vance and veteran science-fiction author Ellen Louise Curtis, this collection features the heartfelt, creatively charged, astonishing fiction that showcases the talent and charm Atlantic Canada has to offer.” To learn more, visit Peter J. Foote’s blog.

Types of Brands (Branding/Discoverability)

Branding is something every author needs to think about. When someone has read your book, you want them to connect with your other books easily. Branding can this. That might be through the colours you’ve chosen for your cover, the style of your name or a specific design. But book covers are not the only place where branding takes place. To learn more about this, visit Kristine Kathyrin Rusch blog and read Types of Brands (Branding / Discoverability).

Floating in Saltwater

“Coincidence or providence? I am always amazed how a simple moment can change the direction of a life…

I read at night to quiet my brain. No matter what the subject matter, anything from comedy to a serial killer’s blade, I begin to feel dozy within 15 minutes in and I’m out for the count in about a half hour. If I don’t read, I’m awake tossing and turning, my brain hammering out thoughts in rapid succession, thoughts popping up like blowing soapy water through a ring.”

Continue reading how this reader reconnected with a former classmate when she read Floating in Saltwater by Barbara Carter on Encompassing Designs website.

First 5,000 Words Evaluation

Are you looking for an unbiased, honest evaluation of your writing? Check out First 5,000 Words Evaluation.

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