Saturday Morning Briefs

Why Sex Doesn’t Sell

I know what you’re thinking: it does.  We have been told a gazillion times it does. A lot of books containing vivid sex scenes are swept off the shelves before the new print smell starts to fade. But after reading Copy Bloggers post, I understand why it may not be as successful for many authors than I previously thought. To learn more, read Why Sex Doesn’t Sell.

Brand Building 101 Continued with Kris

Building a brand is tough when you don’t know what you’re doing or you’d rather be writing that next book. But it’s an important part of being a published author. In this week’s post, Kristine Kathyrin Rusch provides eight easy steps to building your brand. Check it out here:  How To Build A Brand: The Early Stages (Branding/Discoverability).

Why Do You Write?

If your answer is to get rich, you might want to rethink that answer or get another profession. D. Wallace Peach, author of The Rose Shield Tetralogy, explains why in her post Write to Get Rich.

Tickling Your Reader’s Funny Bone

Have you ever tried to write a humorous story? I have. I think I did okay, but there is plenty of room for improvement. I think I’m naturally a funny person when I want to be…or sarcastic. Either way, I still laugh. My one-liners often come out of my mouth before my brain registers them as Appropriate or Not Appropriate. When I say a great line, I write it down to use in a story. Some of my best one-liners have come from my son. He’s like a walking billboard of funnies. When we were painting and he was complaining about his masterpiece, I’ve often told him art was to be appreciated from afar. It didn’t take long for this young teen to twist this into, “She looks good from afar, but is far from good looking.”

I can’t explain how to be funny; I lead by example and my kids have learnt to be comedians in their own right. If you’re looking for a funny lesson or lesson on how to be funny, check out Jacqui Murray’s post How to be Funny if You’re Not–Part I. There you’ll read: I love to sleep. It’s the best of both worlds. You get to be alive and unconscious. (Rita Rudner)

Show Me the Money

How much money can you make as a self-published author? Johanna Penn of The Creative Penn shares her income. She writes, “My company tax year runs May – April and although I keep a tight rein on my accounts throughout the year, I only do management reporting annually when I break down my revenue in various ways to figure out what I need to change, stop doing or do more of. You can read my 2015-2016 breakdown here, and now here’s this year May 2016 to April 2017. These figures are all based on revenue, the money that has actually come into my bank account.” To learn more, read My Breakdown Of Book Sales By Format, Vendor, Genre, And Country. May 2016 – April 2017.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Briefs

  1. Thanks for sharing my post and for the great links. I’m particularly interested in “how to be funny if you’re not.” That’s me. I love to laugh but, yeesh, I’m lame beyond that. Nice roundup, Diane. 😀


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