Sunday Review: Wren in the Mist by Beth Hammond

Wren in the Mist: An Orphan, a Thief, Magic, and a Search for Home

by Beth Hammond

Rating: 3 stars

A short story, not a novel.

The first three scenes of the story were a little disjointed for me. The short opening scene is one far into the future. The next scene delivered me to a time when the main character, Thomas, was twelve. Tragedy strikes. After that short scene, we are thrust into the future again, but not as far as the first scene. Since the time-shift is not made obvious, I read as if Thomas was still 12. Once I realised it was in the future, I had to rethink the first few paragraphs.

Wren in the Mist: An Orphan, A Thief, Magic, and a Search for Home (The Mist Series) by [Beth Hammond]The story progressed rather quickly with lots of tell and little show. I don’t need or want all show, but an equal balance is necessary to bound me to the story, to connect me with the characters and to ignite some sort of emotion.

At the 50% mark, the story ends with no reason given for anything that happened. It is followed by a sample of another book, “The Sound of the Stones”, Book One in the Shattered Time Series. But I didn’t get this book to read samples of another book; I downloaded it to read “Wren in the Mist”, which turned out to be a short story, nothing more. I did not read the six chapters of the other book, so my three-star review is based only on the actual book this was supposed to be.

I don’t mind reading samples of the next book as long as it’s not half the book I’ve downloaded. Hook me with a full novel, then I’ll read samples of the next book.

Note about Editing: The book needs light editing to repair the few errors that occurred, and commas are needed to separate the person being addressed and the rest of the dialogue: “Honestly, Thomas, I don’t know why you feel the need to go into places like that.” Not all the commas are missing, but many are. Remember, there is a huge difference in the meaning of these two sentences: “Let’s eat, Grandpa.” And “Let’s eat Grandpa.”

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