Sunday Review: When the Stars are Right by William Meikle

When the Stars are Right

by William Meikle

Rating: 3 stars

A short story in email format

When I began reading, I was worried I’d have to remember the times and dates for each entry because they were important to the plot. Once I realised they weren’t, I skimmed over them, which left me to concentrate on the story.

When the Stars Are Right by [Meikle, William]This format of storytelling by sending emails (or messages) to a loved one makes it difficult to show what happened instead of telling what went on. So there is plenty of telling and because of this, I did not connect with the characters.

It was an interesting story that mixed magic, demons, science fiction, space travel and religious rituals. The concept was new to me, and made me wonder about the possibilities (since my imagination is quite wild).

This book can be purchased at,, Chapters Indigo and Smashwords.

About Sunday Review

One resolution I made this year was to catch up on my reading. I have almost 250 books on my to-read shelf, so I have a lot of catching up to do. This doesn’t include the two books I bought this morning off Chapters’ website. These are paperbacks, so they won’ t be here for a week or so.

Reviews are the life blood books, so I will post my reviews on, Goodreads, my Facebook page, Chapters Indigo, Smashwords and here. I may not have a review every Sunday, but I hope to have at least two a month.

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