KDP Print Now Provides Proof and Author Copies

KDP Print ProofA welcomed message arrived in my inbox this evening. Amazon’s KDP Print will now provide self-published authors with the option of purchasing a proof of their book before it goes on sale for the public. The message also stated writers could purchase author copies.

In my post, dated April 17, 2017 (read Amazon’s New KDP Print Feature is Bad News for CreateSpace Users), one of the major drawbacks of KDP Print over CreateSpace was the inability to order proofs and author copies.

CreateSpace marked its proofs with a large “PROOF” across the last page. KDP Print will take this one step further and “have a ‘Not for Resale’ watermark on the cover and a unique barcode but no ISBN”.

I’m not sure why the extra security is needed since proof copies were the same price as author copies and if a proof was good enough, more copies could be purchased. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

The only thing I can think of is books were being purchased as proofs and sold by the author without being sold to the public at CreateSpace and Amazon. Buying proofs meant you never had to approve the book for sale.

This would be inconvenient for the person trying to manipulate the system since a maximum of only five (5) proofs could be purchased at one given time. I know because I wanted to hand out copies to my beta readers before a particular book was approved, and all I could order was five.

The Coldest December - Halifax ExplosionJust like with CreateSpace, author copies will be available at printing cost prices, plus taxes and shipping costs. They “are currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. Japanese will be added later.”

The message stated: “KDP doesn’t currently support paperback distribution to Amazon.com.au, Amazon.com.br, or Amazon.nl. Australian users can place orders from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. Portuguese language users can place orders from Amazon.com. Dutch language users can place orders from Amazon.de.”

Also: “With this new feature, KDP proof and author copies for the UK and the rest of Europe are printed and shipped from within Europe – an improvement for authors who previously used CreateSpace.”

I feel with these addition to KDP Print, they add one more nail in CreateSpace’s coffin as it continues to duplicate its services.

As for Canadians, there was no mention of books being available at Amazon.ca, which means we do without unless we can order at Amazon.com.

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Happy Reading!

24 thoughts on “KDP Print Now Provides Proof and Author Copies

  1. Diane, did you change your blogsite? I just came over to see if you were still blogging. I haven’t received any notifications for so long!
    Great post as usual, and as usual The Canadians get the KDP slam. 😦


  2. Having just published for the first time, and that via KDP I did order 30 ‘author copies’ at about half retail price. They arrived slightly slower but with ISBN no intact and no watermark . . they are identical to ordered copies. The website says you can order 999 copies at a time.
    While that is brilliant, I am having issues with KDP (amazon) actually delivering orders. I know from friends who asked me for a copy after being frustrated by Amazon, not brilliant.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience, John. The copies that would have the watermarks would be the proof copies. I’d assume author copies–just like with CreateSpace–would not have watermarks. That’s disappointing to hear of your friends experience with order a copy. I hope that is not the norm.


  3. It appears another advantage with the KDP print book is that copies for us Brits will be printed in the UK rather than being sent over from the USA, although I’ve always been impressed with the quality of paperbacks from Createspace. Also I have avoided any process of direct conversion from either Print to Kindle or visa versa. Too many anomalies. Thanks for the post and the warning about Createspace’s possible demise. Has this anything to do with Ingram Sparks do you think?
    Thanks for the post Diana


  4. It’s an interesting development – I fielded Kindle’s email on this very subject this morning. When coupled with yet another retraction of CreateSpace’s services (their professional artists-for-hire is gone) I can’t help thinking that Amazon is quietly concentrating all its publishing around Kindle and that CreateSpace will be wholly closed down before long.


    • Rumour has it, it will be gone this spring. With these two important features activated on KDP Print, I can see it won’t be long until we receive the message giving us a 30 or 60-day warning CreateSpace will be closing. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


  5. I agree with Bette’s comments.
    Diane, at least we Canadians can now get a proof copy even if one has to order through Amazon.com. I’m sticking with CS until they slam the door.
    Thanks for sharing this.


    • Can we order from Amazon.com? I’ve never done that before. All my books orders have been from Amazon.ca. That’s book by other authors. My books will be at CreateSpace until they slam the door, too, unless they change something that negatively affects me.


  6. Thanks for the update. I’ve been wondering what’s going on the KDP Print and CreateSpace. I’ve been very satisfied with CreateSpace and purchase all of my books for sale at local events through them. I hope authors will be able to do the same with KDP Print. I’m working on a new book and not sure where to turn. Sharing your post on Twitter.


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