Book Review: Running Wild with Bossy Boy by Hui Zhou

Running Wild with Bossy Boy

by Hui Zhou

Photographs by Hui Zhou

Rating: 4 Stars

A Wonderful Way to Introduce Children to Chickens

Have you ever dreamt about raising chickens in your backyard? Do you want to learn more about the distinguishing characteristics of chickens? Running Wild with Bossy Boy introduces readers to a lucky flock of chickens that express their traits as they run wild as chickens are supposed to do.

Running Wild With Bossy Boy chicken bookHui Zhou dreamt of owning chickens in Nova Scotia because of wonderful memories of helping her grandparents feed chickens in Beijing, China. Her friend Bob helped make that dream come true.

Through stories and photographs, Zhou shares her love for the chickens who came to live and run free in her backyard. You’ll meet Bossy Boy, the rooster who takes charge of the flock and ensures everyone is safe, Pretty Bird, the princess of the yard, and many other interesting characters.

Each rooster and hen are described by their ‘chickenalities’. Readers will follow the birds of the flock from chick to ‘all grown up’ bird. They’ll see how one hen reacts when a friendly but energetic dog invades their space.

Zhou explains that chickens “contribute eggs and meat” and deserve to run “freely in their natural environment”. For Zhou’s chickens, that’s a luscious backyard next to the big woods on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Young readers will enjoy the interaction between the chickens and learn a few things about raising fowl. The stories and colourful photographs might intrigue them enough to learn more about chickens or inspire them to think about owning their own birds.

Although the stories are written in a fictional, story-telling manner, they are nonfiction.

Adults can read Running Wild with Bossy Boy to young children. Those in grades two and higher will be able to read it themselves.

This book can be purchased at and

Connect with Hui Zhou on her website.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Running Wild with Bossy Boy by Hui Zhou

  1. Sounds like a fun read! I grew up on a farm with chickens. My grandparents raised chickens as well.
    My aunt moved home from BC in 1989 after her husband passed away and built a new house on my grandparent’s old farmstead. Her son moved home about 10 years ago to take care of her and began gardening and raising chickens, turkeys, and pheasants as a hobby. It has become a full-time job for him and he loves it! Army brat turned Farmer Glenn. Who knew?
    Apparently, he has a very cocky rooster who likes to rule the roost and the whole yard! I think they’d enjoy reading this book.


    • It certainly can turn into a full-time job quickly when the birds start to outnumber you 20 to 1. Gardening and raising birds can be low cost, yet they can produce excellent results. Everyone gets a cocky rooster now and again. I’ve had my share.

      Thanks for visiting, Donna, and for sharing your story.


    • It is a wonderful book to introduce chickens to children. I’ve raised chickens for about a dozen years, and while I was reading it, I was either chuckling or nodding my head in agreement. Chickens are quarky. Seldom are two the same.They have their own personalities. Thanks for visiting, Darlene.


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