Summer is Over and Work Begins

Thought for the dayWe can all ask, “Where did it go?”, but I think most of us who live in the north know summer passed in the usual form: too quickly. What started out to be a very cool June with snow and hail in Nova Scotia, eventually evolved into hot July and August days.

With cooler nights and mild days on the horizon, school started today where I live. That means the house is empty because everyone is either in school or at work. This is the first time I’ve had the house to myself during the day for more than two months.

While I hope you enjoyed your summer and I’d like to reminisce about mine, as John Wayne said, “We’re burning daylight.” So it’s time to buckle down and get back to work full time. My batteries are recharged, new ideas are splashing around in my mind, and I’m ready to start the next phase of my self-publishing journey.

Destiny Governed their Lives short story fantasyAs a primer, I’m reading articles on publishing, writing and editing. I’m also binge-watching writers on YouTube for inspiration and fresh ideas.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve developed a 90-day plan that forces me to focus on finishing up unfinished projects, completing the next book in my Castle Keepers epic fantasy series (Revelation Stones) and organising my marketing strategies to give my books the extra push they need.

September has always felt like a new year, a new beginning and a chance to take on new adventures. Now that my days are mine again, I have the next ten months to work my business like never before. I think it’s going to be a fabulous time.

Does September feel like a fresh start to you? Do you plan your schedule by the month, 90 days or year?

5 thoughts on “Summer is Over and Work Begins

  1. Thanks, Doug. That’s a great way to think about it: yellow busses emerging from their summer slumber.

    Yes, fall is a fortnight + 2 away. It is my favourite season. This morning while out feeding the goats at 6:30, I stood for a moment and let the cool wind slip by as the sun emerged from the horizon. It was refreshing. The goats love these cool mornings, too, and danced across the pasture, kicking up their hooves.

    I don’t rake leaves; I allow them to compost where they land. If I do rake a pile or two it’s to put them on a garden bed where they’ll add nutrients to the soil.

    I find if I don’t schedule my days, many pass without notice and I look back and wonder why a book wasn’t written or a story wasn’t published. I can easily go where the wind blows me, so for now, I must set a path and keep to it.

    Enjoy your routine.


  2. Seeing yellow busses emerge from their summer slumber in early September reminds me that fall is only a couple of weeks away. I look forward to the cooler temperatures and the colorful leaves. Then I shudder thinking I will have to rake all those leaves.

    Being retired I don’t plan anymore. I have my daily routine of a bit of exercise and a couple hours of writing in the morning and that’s it. Everything else is spontaneous.


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