2019 Goals Progress

Below are the list of goals I made for 2019. As I reach them, I’ll mark DONE beside it. For large goals, such as writing a book, I’ll post a weekly update on the progress of the word count.

Updates will be done on Tuesdays as that was the first day of the year.

Current Update: August 11, 2019


The books I plan to write include:

  1. Healing Stones: 142,169 words written: DONE
  2. Gathered Stones
  3. Within the Myst: Book 2 in the Mystical Series: 20,105 words written
  4. Origin of the Stones


The books I plan to publish in 2019 include (all are in the Castle Keepers series except where noted).

  • January: 2nd Edition of Shadows in the Stone: Book 1: PUBLISHED: DONE
  • February: Republish Scattered Stones: Book 2: PUBLISHED: DONE
  • April: Beyond the Myst: Mystical Series: Book 1: PUBLISHED: DONE
  • May: Revelation Stones: Book 3: PUBLISHED: DONE
  • September: Healing Stones: Book 4: Editing Stage
  • December: Within the Myst: Mystical Series: Book 2

Blog Writing Goals 2019

Diane Tibert Blog (52 blogs, one a week): 18 of 52

Diane Lynn McGyver Blog (52 blogs, one a week): 14 of 52

Bryan Adams, Diane Tibert
My first concert of the year was amazing, and I got to meet Bryan Adams.

Businesses Goals for 2019

  • Attend six markets to sell books (5: June 15 at Dartmouth Book Exchange, Cole Harbour; June 13 at Hubtown Days, Truro; Night Market August 15th and 22nd; November 8, 9 and 10, InHants Craft Show, Milford)
  • Increase book sales monthly
  • Put my books into 3 local book stores

Personal Goals for 2019

  • Return to Pre-pregnancy Weight: (21 of 68 pounds lost)
  • Go to 3 places I’ve never been before (4: Cape Split – June 1st; Taylor Head Trail – July 6th; Joudrey Trail, Blomidon – July 20th; Magnetic Hill, Moncton, NB – August 10th): DONE
  • Attend 3 concerts (2: Bryan Adams Jan. 23rd; Luke Bryan Aug. 10th)
  • Buy a boat
  • Go fishing more often
  • Go camping more often
  • Attend HalCon as a character
  • Declutter the House (45% done)
  • Start building my camp