The Value of Writing Every Day

My goal for more than ten years has been to write a long epic fantasy series, and while I was set on the goal, little had been accomplished. By October 2018, I had two books written and book number 3 containing about 30,000 words. It was far from the epic adventure I’d envisioned more than a decade ago.

For a few years, I’d had wonderful spurts where I’d write 10,000 sometimes 30,000 words in a month, but there were many months I didn’t write anything. And there were writing projects I took on unrelated to the Castle Keepers series. While I’m glad I wrote the humour and two romance novels, they didn’t bring me closer to my goal: author of a ten-book fantasy series.

Last October, I put my foot down and I promised to not only focus on the fantasy series but to write every day. Every day.

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Fast forward four months and I have to admit, writing every day has propelled me closer to my goal than anything I’ve done before. Makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, how can I write ten books if I’m not writing?

Since October 17, 2018, I’ve written a whopping 374,417 words. In that time, I’ve completed Revelation Stones (book 3 in the Castle Keepers series), Beyond the Myst (book 1 in the Mystical series) and Healing Stones (book 4 in the Castle Keepers series).

I completed Healing Stones Friday night, writing 6,992 words that day to see the end. Because it was the end, the words came quick and easy. While I’m reading the final edits to Scattered Stones (book 2 – Castle Keepers series) this month for a release in a few weeks, my commitment to writing can’t be forgiven. I still must write every day.

So what do I write? I write 500 words a day of the next book in the Mystical Series. I scheduled this writing project at the end of December while making my goals for 2019. Part of me wanted to take a break from writing and focus on editing. However, that would go against my 2019 goal of writing every day. I could write simple exercises, but that won’t propel me to my ultimate goal: author of a ten-book fantasy series.

So on Saturday while I tied up the loose ends from finishing a large writing project, tidied up my desk, did laundry and walked my 4K, I thought about the opening scene in the next book, and I toyed with the idea of taking a writing break.

Destiny Governed their Lives short story fantasyBy the end of the day, I knew I couldn’t take that break, and I sat down to write the first 500 words of the opening scene. I still didn’t have a clear idea of who would be in the scene and what the scene would be about, so I read the last chapter of Beyond the Myst. Book 2 will pick up where that left off except there was no clear leaving off point for those in Knavesmire.

Yet, I wrote and within 30 minutes, I had 533 words down, the opening scene clear in my mind and the character named Ryder Somerled on his way to see the Elders.

Forcing myself to write those 500 words opened up the next story and confirmed in my mind that a writing break will not take place. I will write every day, and just as each footstep takes me nearer my destination, each 500 words I write will deliver me to my ultimate goal: author of a ten-book fantasy series.

I scheduled three months to write this book. I have no doubt I’ll complete the 100,000-word novel because I’ve committed myself to writing every day. After it, I need only write two more books this year. Sounds simple when you write every day regardless of everything.

Writing every day keeps the stories and characters fresh in my mind. I save time from not having to look up things, and I save time on thinking. I don’t have to think of the story line because I see it every day.

While I’ve done a lot of writing in the  past 20 years, I haven’t written every day for a year. It’s an epic journey all in itself.

To read the first chapter of Healing Stones, visit the post on my McGyver site.

4 thoughts on “The Value of Writing Every Day

    • It’s all about focus. I have a quote by my desk: Know what you want and take only the path that gets you there.

      It doesn’t matter what paths others take or how great the other paths may look at the moment; I’m taking the one to the destination I desire. 2019 is my year. I’m wearing blinders and keeping my eye on the prize.

      It helps that I love my characters, and I love the stories.


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