A Look Back at 2019

Eye on the DestinationIf I had to wrap up the year 2019 in one word, that word would be Unexpected.

While many things I expected to happen happened, there were many unexpected things that happened that had never before happened. They were a mixture of good and bad. All I can say is I survived intact, and it’s time to sum them up and keep moving forward.

On January 7th of last year, I posted my epic goal challenge. Here they are exposed like the bare rocks on the seashore.


The books I planned to write and what I actually accomplished.

  • Healing Stones: 142,169 words written: DONE
  • Gathered Stones: Basic Concept Completed
  • Within the Myst: Book 2 in the Mystical Series: 20,105 words written
  • Origin of the Stones: Not Started

I fell short of what I expected to do, but the unwritten books will be bumped to 2020. While these books didn’t get written, I did write two others that were not on the list. The working titles are Swallowed (63,434 words) and Follow the Tides (68,531 words). They fall under a new pen name (Isla Jane) and will be released in 2020. They are not fantasy.

I wrote several pieces of flash fiction and one short story. That short story, Carry Her Home, was published by Engen Books of Newfoundland and appeared in the Healing Stones coveranthology Dystopia From the Rock. I haven’t written many dystopian tales, but society in despair intrigues me.

If you write short stories, check out Engen Books. They seem to always have an anthology in the works. Find more details on their Submission page. They also run a monthly flash fiction contest.


The books I planned to publish in 2019 included (all are in the Castle Keepers series except where noted).

  • 2nd Edition of Shadows in the Stone: Book 1: DONE
  • Republish Scattered Stones: Book 2: DONE
  • Beyond the Myst: Mystical Series: Book 1: DONE
  • Revelation Stones: Book 3: DONE
  • Healing Stones: Book 4: Almost done, release January 2020
  • Within the Myst: Mystical Series: Book 2: Not written yet

Again, I didn’t reach my goal; I missed it by that much. Healing Stones will be published within the next 30 days, but I  haven’t finished writing Within the Myst yet. Look for it in 2020.

Blog Writing Goals 2019

  • Diane Tibert Blog (52 blogs): Actual: 24
  • Diane Lynn McGyver Blog (52 blogs): Actual: 17

I fell short in my blog writing, but at least I hit double digits.

Business Goals for 2019

  • Attend six markets to sell books: I attended only five events: (Dartmouth Book Exchange, Cole Harbour (June 15); Hubtown Days, Truro (June 13); Night Market (August 15 & 22); InHants Craft Show, Milford (November 8, 9 & 10)
  • Increase book sales monthly: Sometimes, but not every month
  • Put my books into 3 local book stores: Nothing on this front
  • The Night Market, Elmsdale

Personal Goals for 2019

Bryan Adams, Diane Tibert
My first concert of the year was amazing, and I got to meet Bryan Adams.

Personally, life was a mess. However, I managed to get to four, not three, places I’ve never been before (Cape Split; Taylor Head Trail; Jodrey Trail, Blomidon; Magnetic Hill, Moncton, NB).

I only went to two concerts instead of three, but they were big. The year kicked off with Bryan Adams at Halifax on January 23rd. The biggest thrill was bumping into him in the hotel lobby the next morning.

The second concert was Luke Bryan at Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick, on August 10th. It was my first concert in that province and my last. While the weather was wicked enough for the outdoor event (torrential downpours, high winds, thunder and lightning), the drunks, crude idiots and the two near-fist fights were enough to call it quits. I’d rather buy the CD and avoid smelling like weed and vape smoke.

Thunder storm at Magnetic Hill
Luke Bryan

The other personal items, such as buy a boat, will have to wait until 2020. I did, however, put a large dent in the house clutter. I’d say I’m about 65% done.

One thing not mentioned in my goals for 2019 was hiking. I knew I wanted to do more of it, but I didn’t know if I’d have time and didn’t add it to the list. However, I got out on several hikes around the province and met many wonderful people. I also saw magnificent scenery. I hope to do a lot more of this in 2020.

Fairy Pond, Blomidon
Jodrey Trail, Blomidon
Taylor Head, Eastern Shore

That’s 2019 at a glimpse. The lows were buffered by the highs. It wasn’t a horrible year but it wasn’t a great year. I’m alive and healthy with big ideas, plenty of skill and the knowledge that I’m moving in the right direction: forward.

If you could wrap up 2019 in one word, which would you choose?

7 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2019

    • Thanks, Peter. We live in a beautiful province, we need only go off the paved roads to see it. Walking the Jodrey Trail reminded me of a scene in one of my novels. The trees were tall, the ferns and bushes were lush. Even the feeling of walking through there made me think of it. It’s as if this is where I described. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter troglodytes.

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