My 2020 Goals are About Writing and Living

Today, my mother turns 92 years old. She never thought she’d see this age, yet here she is. Like many of us, we are never aware of what we’re capable of doing. We just do it.

2020 is a transition year for me. There are things that must be done, and only by working off property will I accomplish them. So, this spring, I plan to begin working 40 to 50 hours a week, which will take me away from writing in the short term, yet will deliver me closer to a few long-term goals I want to accomplish in the next five years.

Much like when I worked at the garden centre a few years ago, this job will be physical (my favourite type), and I’ll be outdoors most of the time. It will chew up most of my time from April to December. Then I’ll be free to write through winter again.


While I’d like to set larger writing goals, I know that won’t be possible this year for four reasons:

  • Working full time off property
  • Tending to a large garden
  • Hiking every other weekend
  • Camping every other weekend I’m not hiking

Using 2019’s Epic Goals as a template, here is what I hope to accomplish.


The books I plan to write include:

  • Within the Myst: Book 2 Mystical Series: 20,105 words written
  • Gathered Stones: Book 5 Castle Keepers series
  • The Helmsman: Young Adult Fantasy stand-alone novel
  • Origin of the Stones: Book 6 Castle Keepers series


The books I plan to publish include:

  • January: Healing Stones: Book 4 Castle Keepers Series
  • March: Swallowed: Survival Adventure novel
  • Summer: Within the Myst: Book 2 Mystical Series
  • December: Gathered Stones: Book 5 Castle Keepers series
  • Possibly: Follow the Tides: Contemporary coming of age, romance novel

Blog Writing Goals

Business Goals

  • Attend six markets to sell books
  • Increase book sales monthly
  • Put my books into 3 local book stores

Personal Goals

  • Jodrey Trail, Blomidon, NS

    Take a Hike

  • Go to 3 places I’ve never been before
  • Attend 3 concerts
  • Buy a boat
  • Go fishing more often
  • Go camping more often
  • Attend HalCon as a character
  • Declutter the House (65% done)
  • Start building my camp
  • Continue to create a fabulous food garden

My Motto for 2020

As usual, I have two:

  • Time is irrelevant; it’s distance that matters.
  • Life is an adventure; don’t take yourself too seriously. In other words, live like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Here we go, starting a new decade, 20 years of the 2000s under the belt. Are you ready for it? No matter; it’s coming anyways.


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