Glimpse Into My Summer

Starting in early spring, I reduced my screen time to only a few hours a day instead of ten hours a day. Other things have taken priority, things I’ve enjoyed immensely. However, fall is quickly approaching, and I plan to increase my online presence slightly. Slightly because most of my screen time will be spent writing, not on social media. In fact, I’m not on social media any longer.

Gone are Twitter and Facebook. Instead, I’m dedicating my time to writing books and blogging only. Below is a collage of images from the past few months. I’ll expand on them in the near future.

Summer of 2020

9 thoughts on “Glimpse Into My Summer

  1. I spend no time on social media other than LinkedIn–which barely seems worth it. I wonder whether blogging does anything either. Even that sucks up lots of time. Time that I could spend writing. Still, the conventional wisdom is that the time spent there interacting with the blogs of other writers is where the marketing and sale of books happens–unless one is a bestselling author that enjoys able assistance of a publisher obtained through an agent. Which applies to few of us here I’m sure.


    • I have to agree with you, John. Social media is a time-sucker. Blogging can consume a lot of time if limits aren’t placed. I’ll be placing those limits when I return full time to writing mid-September. Conventional wisdom is what keeps us guessing. I suppose it does help, and I enjoy sharing my experience with others. I recall when I started self-publishing more than ten years ago, there wasn’t a lot of information about how to do it online. And certainly there was less for Canadians. Over the years, I hope I’ve helped others take the leap into completing their book and publishing it. It’s a wonderful journey, one I wouldn’t trade.

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        • In central Nova Scotia, truck-pull night at Middle Musquodoboit Exhibition marks the turning point of summer. It’s cool, and sweater and pants are a necessity. Although there was no exhibition this year, that day was August 14th. I was outside late that night, and the cool weather reminded me of the truck pull and the weather change. It means fall is ready to pounce. I think it will be early this year. The birds started to gather the 3rd week of July. Usually, they don’t start to form large flocks until the 2nd week of August. I call August the “Gathering of the Birds” season. Hopefully, Nova Scotia won’t have snow in September like we did in 2018. Already, I’m watching night temperatures in case I have to cover up my tomatoes and basil. I’m also thinking wood stove and fire.

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    • Thanks, Widdershins. I am having a great summer. I’m extremely busy with outdoor activities, and I’ve been boating several times. I love being on the ocean, and I love eating cucumbers out of my garden. Life is good.

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