Book Review: Cammie Takes Flight by Laura Best

The full moon reaches its fingers through the tree branches and grabs at the furniture in my bedroom.

Cammie Takes Flight by Laura BestIn my opinion, this is the best line written by Laura Best in Cammie Takes Flight. There are many good lines in the book, but this one instantly created an image that made me pause.

We were introduced to young Cammie Deveau of Tanner, Nova Scotia, in Flying with a Broken Wing. She was living with her Aunt Millie then and at the end of that story, we learn her world was about to expand greatly.

The opening of Cammie Takes Flight puts us in the Halifax School for the Blind, where Cammie is adjusting to life in the big city, making new friends and trying to make sense of the actions of her father, Ed, and her Aunt Millie. Her ultimate goal turns out to be finding her mother, who had abandoned her at birth and who supposedly lives in Halifax.

Cammie Takes Flight was written with young readers in mind, but adults will also enjoy the story as Cammie does her best to put on a brave face and sort out the mess she thinks is her life. I won’t reveal any spoilers, but I’ll say the history of the city of Halifax and the School for the Blind were well researched, and will provide an intimate look at what life was like for the blind and visually impaired in the 1940s.

This book is a wonderful follow-up to Flying with a Broken Wing. It provides a satisfying read to answer questions that lingered after the last page of that first book.

I interviewed Best for this blog in 2012, shortly after her debut novel, Bitter, Sweet, was released. You can read that interview here. My review for Flying with a Broken Wing is here.

Best’s latest novel, Good Mothers Don’t, is her first publication for adults.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Cammie Takes Flight by Laura Best

  1. I enjoyed this book as well. It tied up the loose ends of FlyingWith a Broken Wing very nicely. I love the character, Cammie. Laura Best is a great writer!


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