Why Lulu Books are Better to Sell at My Local Markets

For more than ten years, I’ve had my books printed by companies that are not local. In other words, they’re not located within my province of Nova Scotia. I’ve always wanted my books printed in the province, but the logistics weren’t there. I can’t afford to order a minimum of 250 books, nor do I have the space for 250 books x the number of titles I’ve published. That would reach over 1,000 books quickly.

While newer possibilities are opening up all the time and I will one day look into them further, for now, I’m depending on the printers I’ve come to know: Lulu and KDP Print (though I’d much prefer their former company CreateSpace).

I’ve written about my experiences with Lulu and KDP Print on a few occasions, including my recent post, Comparing Print Times of KDP Print and Lulu. In that post I mentioned selling my books at local markets as a Canadian and the concern I have with KDP Print.

Well, here it is.

KDP Print - Printed in the USAIn the back of the most recently-ordered books from KDP Print, this little note was printed. This never appeared in the many dozens of books I’ve ordered from them in the past, and it was never in the CreateSpace printed books. While Americans should be proud of this, this Canadian doesn’t want it in her books she’s selling to readers face-to-face.

A large, local publisher that’s been in the business for decades is supposedly having their books printed in China, and even before this whole business with Influenza, this fact had struck a nerve. A bad nerve.

I don’t want to strike this same nerve with readers who stop by my table at events, though I’d gladly prefer to display Printed in USA over Printed in China every day.

I’m a small player in the publishing world; this local company is a big one. I will never get my books printed in Communist China. The business will stay in North America.

Lulu can’t put the stamp Printed in USA in the back of my perfect-bound paperback books because they print my books in Ontario, Canada. That’s right; my books are printed in Canada. While I can’t boast my books are printed in Nova Scotia, at least they are printed in my country.

While choosing to sell Canadian-printed Lulu books over US-printed KDP Print books may seem trivial, it’s important to me to support workers and businesses within my country. I encourage everyone to do the same. If you live in the US, get your books printed there. We are bolstering our own economy by choosing to do so.

Northern Survival

4 thoughts on “Why Lulu Books are Better to Sell at My Local Markets

    • Hello Judy, I highly recommend Lulu’s printing service, but I do NOT recommend the other services they offer, such as editing and publishing your book. There have been many negative experiences over the years with regard to their services. I just wanted to let you know because when you visit their website, you’ll see these offered. Stick to them printing your books only, and all will be fine.


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