A New Season Starts Today

Can you smell that? If you were in Nova Scotia, you’d smell the crisp, single-digit morning that tells the primal self fall is on the way; time to prepare for winter. Or is it the unmistakable aroma of school supplies being sorted at the kitchen table with anticipation of the first day of classes that ignites your energy?

While some look at September as an ending to summer, I see it more as a start to a new year that holds the potential for something fantastic to happen.

For much of the past 16 years, September marked the month my three kids returned to school, giving me the freedom during the day to focus on writing. This year will be slightly different. Due to the unnecessary and unhealthy forced wearing of masks for students, I will homeschool my youngest child for the last four credits he needs to graduate grade 12. I homeschooled him for grades 6, 7 and 8, so we both know what we’re in for. Fortunately, I love the subjects he must take: English, Math, Geography and Home Design.

For me, September marks the return to the computer full time, revisiting my business plan and mapping out the next 10 months of what I want to accomplish. I’ve found that by mid-October, I’m writing like crazy, fully absorbed in the story.

I’m eager and excited about the prospects of the coming writing season. 2020 has already been an awesome year, much better than 2019, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of it will deliver.

Happy 1st of September.

Northern Survival novel

2 thoughts on “A New Season Starts Today

  1. Whoa, so far past that for me–with the oldest two years shy of 40 and the younger just a few years behind.

    September for me means nose to the grindstone through the end of the year. No chilly weather for us far south of your locale.


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