5-Question Interview with Laura Best

Author Laura BestIntroducing Nova Scotia author Laura Best. She has several books to her credit: Bitter, Sweet; Flying with a Broken Wing and Cammie Takes Flight. Her first novel for an adult audience, Good Mother’s Don’t, was released this spring. In this interview, she shares a little bit about it.

A book signing for Good Mothers Don’t takes place at LaHave River Books, 3421 Highway 331, LaHave on Sunday September 6th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. That’s tomorrow!

1.) What is the title of your recent book? Is it a series, what genre is it and is it suitable for all ages?

My latest book, Good Mothers Don’t, is a literary novel for adults. While my previous novels are young adult, this is my first fiction novel for adults.

2.) In a few sentences, tell us a little about the book. Give us a glimpse of the plot without giving away any spoilers.

In 1960s Nova Scotia, Elizabeth seems to have a nice life—a husband who takes care of her, two healthy children, a farm—but her mind is unraveling and eventually she is taken away to a mental hospital. Unfolding in two time periods—1960 and 1975—Good Mothers Don’t is the story of a woman’s struggle with mental illness and her quest, 15 years later, to apologize to her children and put the pieces of her life back together.

Good Mothers Don't3) Who is the main character in this book? What is her name, where does she live and what do you like about her?

The main character is Elizabeth MacKay. When we see her in 1960 she is living in the Forties Settlement. Fifteen years later, she is living at Harmony House, a group home that is described only as being in “a little town not far from Halifax.” As a mother myself, I found Elizabeth very easy to relate to. I admired the way she tried so hard to heal the fractured pieces of her life even with the limited resources that she had. She also helped me see how important hope is in our lives, how it is the very force that keeps us going. While she thought of herself as being weak, I saw her strength and the great sacrifice she made in order to keep her children safe.

4) What inspired you to write this book? The book started out as a short story many years ago—the story of a woman who abandons her children. It was told through the eyes of her daughter who was nine years old at the time and never found out the real reason why her mother left. I needed to find out who this woman was and exactly why she did leave. So I decided to write the mother’s story. From there more stories grew until I had a collection of linked stories. Later, my publisher encouraged me to turn the collection into a novel.

5) Where can readers buy this book?

Good Mothers Don’t is available through Independent Book Sellers, Indigo/Chapters and Amazon. It can also be purchased directly from Nimbus Publishing.

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If you are on social media, please, share this interview to help broadcast news about this book and the book signing. Not only is Laura a wonderful writer, she is an exceptional individual, who is humble and down-to-earth.

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