Marketing “Northern Survival” Sunday Update #1

Northern Survival
The eBook is NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon

As mentioned in my Book Launch post, I am trying a few new things this September to promote my book online. Given the current limitations to public events and possibly the cancellation of the annual craft show this fall where I sell a large number (large number as in between 30 and 50 each year) of books, I don’t have the usual venues in which to get my new book in front of readers.

I know, online is where it’s at, but I sell a lot of books in person from a small table at craft shows, farmers’ markets and pop-up markets. I love talking to readers, and I always meet a published or hope-to-be published author at events.

Turning to online means trying new things and investing money in ads instead of gas and table rentals. My Sunday updates will summarize where I appeared online during the week to promote my book. I’ve checked out dozens of sites that offer ads, some free, some that cost money. My wallet doesn’t permit me to spend hundreds of dollars willy-nilly, so I set my budget at around $100 to see what I could do with it. That’s $100 for the entire month.

Goodreads – FREE

On September 1st, I added Northern Survival to Goodreads but because I left out my middle name, it’s not connected to me. Keep this in mind when you’re adding books to the site: if you don’t enter your name exactly as it is already listed, your books won’t connect. So don’t leave out the middle initial or add one if you haven’t before (Alfred E. Pace/Alfred Pace), and don’t use a nickname or your full name if you’ve already gone by the other (Sam Hamilton/Samuel Hamilton). I’m sure there is a way to correct this or connect the books, but I haven’t had the time to investigate. For now, I put the book on my “To Read” shelf. So, Northern Survival is listed under Diane McGyver (more on the ‘name change’ in a future post).

East Hants Writers Group Interview – FREE

On September 4th, an interview appeared on the website of the writers group. I’ve been a member for years. We’ve been running a series of interviews for members to discuss their books. I’m the 3rd interview and chose this date because of my book launch. You can read the interview here: Author Interview: Diane McGyver.

Awesome Gang Interview – FREE

On September 5th, my interview with Awesome Gang appeared in the newsletter they sent to their subscribers. I bought an ad for later this month, but the interview was free, so take a look and spread your name a little further on the web: Awesome Gang Interview. I’ve never used this service before.

eBook Betty – $12.50 USD ($17.05 CAD)

Today, my new release, Northern Survival, appears in eBook Betty’s newsletter and it’s also on their website. This is how they set it up: Sunday September 6th.

Betty was running a half price sale at the time I booked a few weeks ago. I’ve used eBook Betty a few times with mixed results. If the book is free, there are many downloads. A 99-cent sale doesn’t produce the same results.

eBook Betty Layout

I Write Now – $10 USD ($13.64 CAD)

Today, my book appears in I Write Now’s newsletter and on their website. I’ve never used this service before.

According to the package I bought, it will be in their newsletter, on their front page for 3 days, and in 10+ social media posts on their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t provide links to the social media accounts and because the name is generic, many results appear when searching for it. However, after a few minutes of searching, I found their Facebook page. No one in the family has a Pinterest account to check their page, and I have yet to locate their Twitter account. Why is this important? I want to see my book posted and click on links of other books being promoted to see their Amazon rankings to gauge how well (or poorly) they are working. Although my book won’t perform exactly like the others listed, it still gives me an idea.

Diane McGyver website – FREE

I’m also making posts on my author website to promote the book. Today, I wrote about the event that inspired the book: The Plane Crash that Inspired “Northern Survival”

Submission Times

Most places require at least 48 hours to place your ad. Personally, the sooner you book the date, the better chances you have to secure the date you want. You can also plan out a month’s worth of promotions to ensure everything is in place for a book launch. However, if you need last-minute promotions 48 hours or less will have to do.


Although I mentioned what I paid for an ad, often there are other options, sometimes more expensive, sometimes less. I chose the package that suited me best, one that also fit into my budget. For more information on each site, check out their submission details. All of the places I mentioned accept payment from PayPal.

Northern Survival is half price until Thursday. Only at Amazon.

Download it to your Kindle today.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read it for free.

2 thoughts on “Marketing “Northern Survival” Sunday Update #1

  1. Saw your book mentioned in your East Hants Writers’ group interview. Picked it up through Amazon. Had to charge my Kindle, find my password but downloaded it up this morning. Finished it at suppertime. Great read. Enjoyed the ebb and flow of the characters’ interaction in this extremely trying situation. Held my attention and moved at a good pace. Last night I finished
    a 610-page Peter James novel that I’m sure had 300 pages of descriptions of what everybody, and I mean everybody, in the book wore every time they changed their clothes and another 100 pages listing every storefront they passed in their travels. It was good to read a book that had enough description to set the scene and then let my imagination fill in the specific details. Thanks, Diane.


    • Wow. Art, you are a reading machine. So glad to hear you liked the book. I’m not one for long descriptions. Usually if I give details, it plays a part in the story later. Thank you for reading my book.


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