Comparing the Printing Quality of Lulu to KDP Print

Back in May, I had ordered two copies of Healing Stones from the two printers I use regularly. I wanted to compare the quality of the printing and paper for both the interior and cover. Here’s what I found.

The two printers I used were Lulu and KDP Print. All aspects of the books were the same, including the matte cover.


Healing Stones front coversWhen placed side-by-side and compared closely, the Lulu copy is a shade darker and the greens in the girl’s hood are greener than that by KDP Print. If the books were held apart, these differences are not noticed.

However, the squares around the “T” on the spines are noticeably different if held apart. The Lulu version is the blue I had chosen and looks like that on my computer. The KDP Print book has a purple square.

Healing Stones spine

The back covers look identical.

Thickness of Cover: It may be my imagination, but when I finger the cover, the KDP Print version feels thicker. However, the more I compare the covers by fingering them, the more I think I’m crazy. Maybe it isn’t. But for this exercise, I’m going to say the KDP Print cover is a breath thicker than the Lulu cover.

Healing Stone back cover


I chose cream for page colour, and the pages for both books match perfectly.

When held close for comparison, the KDP Print version has slightly darker printing of the text than Lulu’s. Lulu’s isn’t light, but it’s not as dark.

The map in the front of the book is noticeably darker in the KDP Print book (left).

Fantasy Map KDPFantasy Map Lulu

The thickness of paper feels the same.

Overall Thickness

While the interior pages feel the same thickness, the KDP Print version of the book is slightly, but noticeably thicker when both books are held together. The slight thickness of the paper making the cover won’t compensate for all of this thickness, so that leads me to believe the weight of paper used by KDP Print is slightly heavier.


Both printers create quality print books. The slight variations are not large enough to bring a negative strike, so I’ve confirmed my own suspicions about which one was better. Both printers create quality print books, and I don’t have any hesitations about using them to create paperback books for readers who order them directly from their site.

Which will stand the test of time better is unknown.


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4 thoughts on “Comparing the Printing Quality of Lulu to KDP Print

    • I agree. I’m pleased the quality is good. That leaves me to decide if I want the books fast, or if I have six weeks to wait for them. I put an order in more than a week ago at KDP Print for copies of “Northern Survival” but they haven’t even been shipped yet. I’m told to expect them the first week of October.


    • It seems every 10 years I flop to the other. I am originally Dianna, but never spelt it that way because I thought it was a waste of an “N”. Some people call me Diana and others call me Diane. For the longest time, I went by Diana in print because I have a sister-in-law named Diane. She’s received calls/messages asking about her writing. We laugh about it. We don’t laugh about the mix-ups at the bank. In 2030, I’ll be back to Diane. Probably.

      In the meantime, people call me what they want: Diane, Diana, Dee, Lady Di, Mom, Danny, T-bird or Crazy Lady with the Donkeys. I prefer Goddess of the Hunt. Just don’t call me late for pizza.


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