Marketing “Northern Survival” Sunday Update #2

Northern Survival

We’re almost at the halfway mark of the month. So far, sales have been better online for this book launch than previous book launches. However, face-to-face sales are still not happening. Here’s the summary of where my books appeared in the past week. For this week’s promotion, the book is half price, only 99 cents. The sale ended Thursday September 10th, and the book is back to the regular $1.99 price.

Discount Book Man – $15 USD – $5 (coupon) ($13.61 CAD)

On September 7th, my book was posted to Discount Book Man’s website and sent to the subscribers of their newsletter. I’ve never used this service before. After I had bought an ad from Awesome Gang, I received an email message from them to confirm my order. In that message, there were several other ad sites mentioned, some that offered coupons, including one for Discount Book Man. That’s where I found the $5 off coupon to reduce the fee from $15 to $10.

Indie Author News – $25 USD ($33.92 CAD)

On September 8th, my book appeared on Indie Author News. I had bought the “Book of the Day” promotion, which set my book up on the top right of their website all day. It was also shared on their social media (Twitter, Facebook and Google+). Unfortunately, I didn’t see any sales for that day, but I did have 229 pages read in Kindle Unlimited. I have never used this service before.

This is how the page looked on the day of my promotion.

Indie Author News

Awesome Gang – $10 USD ($13.68 CAD)

On September 9th, my book appeared on the Awesome Gang website and in their newsletter. I have never used this service before.

Booksprout – Free

On September 11th, I created an account at Booksprout and added my book. The site is arranged by author name, so you’ll find me at Diane McGyver. However, I believe to go directly to my book you use this Sharable Link.

I had found Booksprout mentioned in a review on Amazon and after checking it out, decided I’d participate for the next two books (at least) to see what results are produced. Signing up was free, but they also have a paid version ($10 a month) for more exposure. I can’t afford that at this time, so I’m using the free option.

Ideally, this site is used to supply readers with ARCs (advanced reading copies) with the goal of them leaving reviews on sites the author indicates they want to see a review. All the regular selling sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) are available, as well as Goodreads. While my book is not in the ARC stage, I added it anyways. My next novel, The Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes, is nearing the ARC stage, and I’ll add that in about two weeks to see if I can generate interest and reviews before it is released later this year. In essence, anyone who wants to read my book for free can do that on this website. There is a limit of 20 copies available, so there’s no fear of dozens or hundreds of readers claiming copies.

On Saturday morning, I received a message from Booksprout to tell me I had one follower. Checking my account on Saturday night as I write this post, I see 2 of the 20 available copies have been claimed. That’s pretty good considering I’ve not promoted it yet, and I’ve only been a member for little over 24 hours.

If you are interested in reading my book and leaving a review, you can download it for free at Booksprout.

My Websites

Throughout the week, I posted several times to this website, my McGyver website (including Flight of the Graveyard Fairy), and Quarter Castle Publishing and its Twitter account to help create momentum for the book.

Submission Times

A word about submission times. While I stated in last Sunday’s Marketing Update that one could arrange an ad within 48 hours, if an ad is desired on a popular website, space may be booked for up to a month in advance. Keep in mind, it may be impossible to book an ad on certain sites after October 1st because November and December are extremely busy months.

The Fussy Librarian, of which I’ll speak about in a future post, is already booked four weeks in advance. When looking for an ad in late August, the first opening was October 1st.


Marketing “Northern Survival” Sunday Update #1

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