Introducing Blog Tours on Wednesday’s Word

In my effort to promote my books over the years, I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on various websites. As I search for more avenues to spread the word of my books, I’m finding others who want to do the same. It’s not always easy to find blogs to provide space for advertising, and finding free ones are more difficult. This is made all more necessary due to the lack of opportunities to meet readers personally at markets and other venues.

So, for the unforeseeable future, I’m offering up space on my blog each Wednesday for a writer to promote their book. This is ideal for authors doing blog tours for new releases.

What Can Authors Post?

  • Introductions to your book. It can be done freestyle or in question format. This is a great way to brag about your new release or upcoming release.
  • Interview: You create the questions and provide the answers.
  • 5-Question Interview: I’m posting 5-question interviews from now until the end of the year. You can answer those questions and use that as your post. Laura Best’s 5-Question interview has the questions and provides an excellent example of length.


I’d prefer, and it’s in your best interest, to focus on one book: your new release or the last book you had published. If this is a book in a series, of course, mention the series, but don’t discuss the other books.

Fiction or Non-fiction

Doesn’t matter. Both are accepted.


Posts should be between 300 and 500 words, plus links to where readers can find you on the web (your website, Goodreads page, etc.) and where they can buy your book (3 or 4 links to Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc.)


The book cover must be included.

The author photo is recommended but not necessary.

What day of the week will this blog space be available?


To Be Considered for Blog Space, keep this in mind:

  • Fully-clothed humans are highly regarded.

    Rating: While there’s been the odd curse word on this site, it’s pretty family friendly. To keep it this way, X-rated books will not be considered. Books with mild violence, mild language and mild sexual encounters are fine; many of my books contain the same. If it does contain non-family scenes, but they are not obvious from the cover, description and the manner in which the book is presented, then no one will know.

  • Book Covers: All people, including men, must be fully clothed and have their shirts buttoned. I don’t want to visit my blog and see headless, shirtless men plastered with graffiti and photoshopped to make fake (or real) ripples of steroid flesh shiny. That would trigger my gag reflex. I’d allow Thor and Conan, but that’s pretty much my limit.
  • Politics: If your book includes anything made political in the past 15 years, don’t even bother. My blog avoids politics like it’s a plague. All those topics that start wars on Twitter are banned.
  • Published Book: Books must be either published and available now or available for pre-order. With the latter, books must be published within 15 days so as not to keep readers waiting too long.

Final Word: I have the right to refuse books for one simple reason: I don’t believe it is a good fit for my website. It includes the above mentioned items plus others that won’t come to mind until I see it.

Returning the Favour

This book promotion spot is free of charge. However, I would appreciate a follow and when your book is featured, for you to share it on your social media platforms. If you could share the book featured on the following Wednesday after your book to give another author a boost, that would be double appreciated.

How to Submit

To book a Wednesday, contact me at At the time of this post, I do not have any slots filled, although I am waiting for two 5-question interviews to be returned. If I get them before I hear from you, they’ll be first. If I start getting bookings, I’ll create a page to indicate which dates are still available. Heck, maybe I’ll do that now before we get started. Done. It’s called Wednesday’s Word, and you’ll find the link in the top menu bar.

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