BREAKING NEWS: Access Copyright Issues Cheques Early

I received a message from Access Copyright late in the week to inform members, who are eligible for this year’s Payback, that payments are scheduled for distribution on Friday October 9th – one month earlier than usual.

Those with direct deposit usually receive payment on the date given on the website or, in this case, the email message. I believe cheques get mailed on that day, so for those waiting for ‘the cheque’s in the mail’ deliver depends on Canada Post.

Learn more about this early delivery of payment from Access Copyright’s website. The base payment this year is $57.63.

If you are a published writer and not a member of Access Copyright, learn the eligibility requirements and how to become a member from their FAQs Page.

Only Canadians can become members.

Northern Survival

7 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Access Copyright Issues Cheques Early

  1. Thanks Diane. I got that message too. The payments have gone done through the last few years. Oh, btw, congrats. I was just over at Jacqui Murray’s blog – Worddreams and she had a lovely review for your latest book. 🙂


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