Marketing “Northern Survival” Sunday Update #5

The promotions for Northern Survival’s book launch are basically over. It officially ends October 15th, when the eBook goes to its regular price of $4.99. That said, I will still promote the book in the coming months, just not as aggressively as I turn my attention to my next release, the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes, and the writing of other stories.

This is the last update to detail what I’ve done. The October 11th update will be a wrap up with results. Here’s what happened in the marketing department this week.


On September 30th, I reduced the price of the eBook to the final 99-cent sale price to prepare for the scheduled ads to run on October 1st and 3rd. The price will return to $1.99 on October 5th. Because the book is enrolled in KDP Select, Kindle Unlimited Members read for free.


I was alerted to a post that appeared on September 25th on Jacqui Murray’s blog Word Dreams. Jacqui had read Northern Survival and reviewed it. Her words were kind and generous. It is wonderful to hear when others enjoy a story I enjoyed writing.

To read the full review of my book and Paleolithic by S. A. Adams (she reviewed two books with similar subject matter), go to Two Stories of Survival.

Reviews are appearing on Amazon and Goodreads. A short snippet from two reviews on Amazon include:

  • Loved the progression of the feelings of the characters. Shed a few tears near the end…….will remember forever.
  • The fact that the two leading characters were in their 50’s was terrific.

I also received my first negative review.

I like reading books where I can relate to the characters. Unfortunately, I thought I could get pass the age difference between myself and the characters, but I couldn’t. Also, it was difficult to ready about a man in his fifties who thought he was better than pretty much everyone.

My perspective on negative reviews such as this is: the book wasn’t for this reader. That’s okay. Not everyone will love or even like the book. Some of the most popular books ever written have negative reviews.

The Writing Wicket – Free

On September 30th, my interview with Cathy MacKenzie at The Writing Wicket appeared. Cathy is a wonderful author, one you’ll meet in a few days on Wednesday’s Word. You can read my interview here: Writer Wednesdays – Diane McGyver.

The Fussy Librarian – $21 USD ($28.58 CAD)

On October 1st, an add for my 99-cent sale was announced at The Fussy Librarian. I’ve heard many wonderful things about this service from other author websites, but I’ve never had the opportunity to give it a try. One of my goals with this book launch promotion was to get a spot in their newsletter. Given their popularity, spots were booked well in advance. In fact, I had no intentions of putting on this 99-cent sale. However, when I went looking at the end of August, the first available date with The Fussy Librarian was October 1st. My book is listed in the New Release Bargain Book section of their website and the newsletter geared for that.

How the ad appeared in the eNewsletter

The eReader Café – $25 USD ($33.92 CAD)

Not wanting to waste a good sale or let The Fussy Librarian’s exposure go unaided, on October 3rd, I scheduled an ad to appear on The eReader Café. Again, this promotion was booked a month ago to ensure it lined up with the 99-cent sale.

From their website: Each of the 6 promo options below offers the following: A link to the main page included on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeted and your book pinned to Pinterest. One click takes fans directly to your book’s Amazon page for quick downloads. Your book will also be included in the daily email to our subscribers.

I opted for #3 Daily Spotlight, where my book stands out on the main page with the eye-catching title of Daily Spotlight. Also featured in the third book spot in the right column.

How the ad appeared on the website, both on the main page and in the right-hand margin.


After several placed ads, I find the general time they appear in my inbox and on websites is between 11:00 am and Noon, Nova Scotia time. This means sales don’t start appearing until the day is half over. I’m an early bird, so that’s late for me. Keep this midday time in mind when planning an ad and a sale.


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10 thoughts on “Marketing “Northern Survival” Sunday Update #5

  1. Hi Di. I always appreciate other authors sharing their discoveries when it comes to promotions. My gosh, I’m awful this year at marketing I haven’t done any ads. But when I do, I always put one in Fussy Librarian. Interesting to learn the price went up a bit. I also use Book Pebble, Reading deals and Readly. I like the back blackground Fussy uses, stands out more and easier on the eyes too.
    As far as that bad review – consider the source. The review didn’t even make sense and the writing – well, ’nuff said. 🙂


    • Of all the years I’ve been writing, this was my first real marketing blitz. While I did a lot of free stuff available to me, I never had the extra cash to put forward to buy ads. My greenhouse job in the spring changed that.

      It’s interesting to see which ad did the most for the book, though it’s not an exact science because I started the month with no reviews. How much the reviews I have now influenced buyers is unknown. However, I will say this, eReader Cafe generated a lot more sales than Fussy Librarian.

      As for the review, I assume it was a young reader who didn’t know the references to the movies and/or TV shows and possible couldn’t relate to divorce, children and the older person’s perspective on it. As for the comment about the character who thought he was the best, one can assume all famous stars must think they are the best. It’s a confidence thing, and they need that to succeed. The book was not written for this reader.

      Thanks for sharing these ad places. I’ll check them out for my next blitz.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for mentionting me, Diane. You are an amazing writer, too. Your last two books sound wonderful (I wanted to say “amazing” but can’t say the same word twice in such close proximitiy, right!?)…”Northern Survival” and “The Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes”…both are must buys! Can’t wait to read!


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