Thoughts About the Highest Tides in the World

On Saturday, on our return trip from getting a load of hay, my youngest son and I ordered our last ice cream of the season from Dairy Queen and drove the short distance to the Shubenacadie River to watch it as we ate our treat. The last time we were there, we arrived just in time to see the mud flats swallowed up in 15 minutes by the rushing tides. It’s a sight to see if you’ve never seen it.

1986 F150 Ford loaded with hay

My son, who has always had an interesting perspective on the world and life, said after a few minutes of staring at the river, “The world’s highest tides. I guess somewhere had to be the highest.”

Ain’t that the truth.

It doesn’t matter how high the tides are, some where has to be the highest. Some where also has to be lowest.

That got me to thinking about writing and books. There’s always someone who writes the longest book, the best book, the scariest book, the [fill in the blank] book. Someone has to be the youngest writer, oldest writer, fastest writer, ect. You get my point.

Hopewell Rock Fundy Bay

However, all the ‘est’ things doesn’t mean everyone and everything that doesn’t have an ‘est’ doesn’t count or exist. They shine for their own reasons. While the Shubenacadie River might have the highest tides, I’ve seen prettier rivers. I’ve seen rivers better to swim in. It doesn’t mean the Shubie isn’t pretty; it just means I’ve seen prettier. But that’s subjective.

Anyways, back to writers. This quote I read recently, one I wrote a few years ago, came to mind.

Just because you’re not the greatest writer,

it doesn’t mean you aren’t a great writer.

I’ll leave that right there.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts About the Highest Tides in the World

  1. On our last cross-Canada RV road trip (2015) we got as far as Niagara Falls, and we were planning to go the whole hog this year (oops) which would’ve included the Bay of Fundy, in one way or another … we’re certain we’ll get there one of these years, : ) just not sure which one yet. : D


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