Update on Marketing Blitz and Why it’s Not Here Yet

It’s been a busy two weeks, and this past week has been challenging and unpredictable. So, the update for my marketing campaign for Norther Survival will not appear today. Here’s why.

Pickiness and Thoroughness

Northern SurvivalI’ve been reviewing the details of the ads, the results and the ‘companies’ selling the ads. It’s taken longer than I thought because I’m being overly picky and thorough. If I take the time to do this right, I will have a good resource to refer to with future book launches.

The list of online ‘companies’ that provide ads will benefit me and you because I’m creating a page (Promotional Sites) on this website to help others find places to promote their books.

More Promotions for Northern Survival

To keep this book in motion and to get it in front of new readers, I’m planning a short marketing blitz between November 16th and 20th. At that time, the $4.99 price will drop to 99 cents. I’ve already had confirmation on five paid ad sites, and I’m working on a few places to get the book where it won’t cost a dime. So this week, I’ve spent about eight hours looking for new places to promote the book and submitting it for consideration.

During this 90-day stint at KDP Select, I can’t offer a Count-down Deal because I’ve already offered free days for the book, so I’ll manually change the price to 99 cents and claim only 35% of royalties instead of the preferred 70%. I won’t use the final three remaining free days. My free days for this book are done. However, when the next KDP Select stint begins, on November 22nd, I’ll wait the 30 days and execute a Count-down deal.

the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes

the Salvation of Mary Lola BarnesMuch time this week has been spent reviewing the proof for this book, which is scheduled for release on October 27th. This is the first time for a pre-order at Amazon for me.

In the past week, I received a message every other day to remind me the eBook had to be uploaded to the site by October 23rd. Keep this in mind if you do a pre-order. An ARC cover can be uploaded when the pre-order is first set up, and it can be changed at any time during the process.

I’ve added corrections to the paperback version of this book, and I’ve created a hardcover version – my first for any of my books. The paperbacks will be available at Amazon and Lulu.  Amazon doesn’t offer hardcovers, so it will be available only at Lulu (and possibly in the future from me).

I’m waiting on the paperback proof from Amazon KDP Print and after I’ve checked it over, it will go live on Amazon. Given the lengthy time it takes to receive a proof from this printer, the paperback probably won’t be available until early November.

One-star Review

During the week, I received a one-star review for Northern Survival on Amazon. There was no written review with it, just the one star. After the initial surprise wore off (so five seconds later), amusement set in. This is the first one-star review I’ve ever received for one of my books, and this (in my opinion) was the best book I’ve ever written. I laughed, shrugged it off and thought, “I’ve made it big; I now have a one-star just like famous authors.” If you check your favourite authors (Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, John Grisham or any number of others), you’ll find one-star reviews.

Now that this milestone has been achieved, I’m onto bigger and better things.

Personal Challenges During the Week

Heart of the Battle at Wattpad
One of my flash fiction stories at Wattpad. Click to read.

Life outside the computer has been more invasive to my writing time than usual. Besides drama with adult kids, broken-down vehicles and closing the garden for winter, I had a tooth extracted early in the week and then on Thursday morning (while out feeding the animals), I stepped on a rusty spike. This gave me two new holes in the body to deal with. It also confirmed my suspicions: I do have a hole in my boot.

No, the nail didn’t go through the foot, only a little over an inch into it. I had a tetanus shot a few years ago when a wire as small as a sewing needle pricked me while cleaning the barn, and my hand swelled up and cramped in one position within 30 minutes. Before then, my last tetanus shot was grade seven (early 80s).

After stepping on the nail, my foot swelled like a balloon and ached like son-of-a-rusty spike. I had to keep it elevated to reduce swelling, which made working on a laptop awkward.

The plus side of this experience (and as a writer, there are plus sides to every experience), I have recorded the event and can genuinely write about a character stepping on a nail. I’ll post it, so others can gain from my experience. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

This morning, the swelling has reduced substantially, and the bone in my outer ankle is taking shape. There are gaps between my toes again, and the pain is nothing like the first two days.


  • Work doesn’t end with writing and publishing a book.
  • Don’t take life—including one-star reviews—too seriously.
  • Don’t have a goal of pleasing everyone, or your work will be too watered down to please you.
  • I’m behind on email and other items, so if you’re waiting for a reply, I’ll get to it. I haven’t dropped off the earth yet.
  • Keep an eye open for boards with nails in tall grass. Even if you think you securely piled the used wood, strong winds from storms can knock wood off piles.
  • If you haven’t had a tetanus shot in the past ten years, get one. It will save a trip to Emergency.


5 thoughts on “Update on Marketing Blitz and Why it’s Not Here Yet

  1. Holy smokes Diane. Ya, this Mercury Retrograde is wreaking havoc on everyone in various ways. I hope you will be alright. And about the one star, wtf? I thought reviews weren’t accepted if no description?? You should write them and protest! Good luck with the promo. I stopped doing countdowns years ago. I’d spend the ads and spread the word to Canadian social media readers who don’t have access to countdown deals. I found it just better putting the price at 99 cents for however long I want the promo. 🙂


    • Thanks, Debby. It’s one week since I stepped on the nail, and most of the swelling and pain is gone. I can walk normal.

      Reviews: I have several reviews (some 5-star) that do not have anything written with them. I didn’t think that was a requirement. I’ll keep the one star. It’s a milestone.

      I was surprised when I learned the count downs are only for those in the US and UK. Once again Amazon is treating Canada as if we’re on the moon.

      As Judy explained, lowering the price to 99 cents manually reduces us to 35% royalties. The count down keeps us at 70% even when the price goes to 99 cents in the count down. So while Canadians can’t participate, I’ll take my chances with the US market. Most of my books are sold there anyways.

      However, knowing Canadians can’t participate, I won’t waste money promoting it to Canadians.

      I have a count down taking place tomorrow for Quarter Castle Chronicles, Volume 1. It’s an anthology with short stories written by Canadian authors. I want to observe the process before I do the same with “Northern Survival”.

      I’m learning as I go, and there’s a long way to go.

      Liked by 1 person

      • We’re always learning. And I do see your point about the royalty on 99 cents, another rip off. I look forward to your sharing of how that promotion goes. 😦


        • If Amazon would just allow Canadians to do the count down, I wouldn’t call it a rip off but as it stands, you are right. Canadian authors suffer as do readers because I can’t drop the price for the book I’m using for the count down to 99 cents during the count down. I could drop the price at another time, but then we suffer the loss of royalties.

          I’m not doing any promotions for this count down, so I don’t expect many sales. I will promote it on Quarter Castle Publishing and share it on Twitter. I’ve never run one before, so this is breaking the ice for when I run them often in the future. If they work. We’ll see.

          I’m going through my promotions since September 1st and posting information about sites on my Promotional Sites page. There’s not much up, yet, but it will grow over the coming months. It is here: https://dianetibert.com/self-publishing/promotional-sites/

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