eBook Giveaway: “the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes”

I’ve whoaed and hummed, thought a wee bit more about it, hummed and hawed, and wondered if it would work. I’ve never done it before, so I don’t know how smoothly or rocky the experience will be. In the end, I threw caution to the wind. The past year, I’m more of a ‘let the chips fall where they may’ kinda gal. So let’s do it.

To thank those who have followed and supported me over the years at this blog, I’m giving away five eBook copies of the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes.

Given the restrictions Amazon presents to Canadians, I can’t gift a book to Amazon.ca without a lot of hassle and hoop jumping. Maybe I can’t do it at all. I read the ‘rules’ more than a month ago, and they have become a jumbled mess in my head.

However, I’ve found an easy solution.

the Salvation of Mary Lola BarnesFrom a few test runs with Northern Survival with fellow writers, I can send a gift card from Amazon.ca to someone else who uses Amazon.ca. Then they use that gift card to buy the book.

So that’s what I’m offering: a $6 Amazon gift card to purchase the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes, which retails for $4.99. What’s the extra $1.01 for? A little extra to go towards your next book purchase.

How do you get one of these $6 gift cards? Tell me you want one in the comments. The first five people who ask for one – you actually have to tell me you want one because otherwise, I’ll think you’re just commenting on this post and you’re not interested in reading the book and that’s okay – get a gift card. I’ll contact you through email to get the email address you want me to send it to.

So, if you shop at Amazon.ca and you want to read my next book, let me know. All I ask is for you to redeem the gift card on or before October 27th – the day the book launches. I may run a similar giveaway in the future with Amazon.com since I’m led to believe if I buy a gift card at Amazon.com, I can give it to someone who uses Amazon.com. I’ll have to do a test run first.

I classify the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes as Women’s Fiction / Inspirational / Mid-life Awakening laced with Romance.

After 25 years of marriage,

Mary Lola Barnes had come to a crossroad in her life.

Mary Lola Barnes has everything: a loving family, wonderful friends and a good home. But something is missing. When new friends enter her world, she’s ill prepared for the harsh light that shines on the imperfections in her life. It reveals the emptiness she refuses to acknowledge.

the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes Diane McGyver

4 thoughts on “eBook Giveaway: “the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes”

  1. Of course, I would love an e-copy of your book. Even though I live in Spain, I still buy my e-books from Amazon.ca so it should work. You have my email. Thanks!


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