Wednesday’s Word: David A. Wimsett presents “Half Awakened Dreams”

David A. WimsettAuthor David A. Wimsett’s latest novel, Half Awakened Dreams: Volume I of the Carandir Saga, is an epic fantasy set in a world of gender equality where women and men have the same rights, opportunities and authority. It is the sequel to volume I, Dragons Unremembered.


Wounded, an evil dragon escapes. Together as equals, the monarchs of Carandir, Queen Mirjel and King Ryckair, must subdue him with  a magical crown.

Ryckair is captured by a former lover who reveals the son he unknowingly fathered, the heir to the monarchy who vows to kill the king.

Mirjel must rule alone and rescue the king so they can complete the spell before the dragon fully rises.

In the queen’s absence, former nobles, who were exiled because they sided with the dragon, return and seize their lands. They declare that Carandir is only for pure Canadians and stir hatred among the masses. Mobs kill minorities and immigrants and drive others out as refugees.

There is magic, action, battles and political intrigue, as well as diverse cultures, languages, legends and poetry. Mr. Wimsett composed songs specifically for the book. Portions of the words are in the text and complete musical scores with lyrics are in an appendix.

Where Can Readers Find the Book?

The novel is available from Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble and Walmart as well as bookstores everywhere through the Ingram catalogue.


David A. WimsettPublishers Weekly’s Booklife Prize said, “Wimsett’s book presents an exciting plot of palace intrigue and political machinations spanning a continent…The book features strong writing that helps illustrate the vastness of the fictional world and depth of the novel’s lore…Readers will easily be hooked into the exciting blend of mobilized armies and political intrigue.”

Mr. Wimsett is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada and the Canadian Freelance Guild. He lives in a rural Nova Scotia community. His website is

1) Why did you choose to create a fantasy world for your story?

I was greatly impressed with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and wanted to fashion a story in an immersive world with its own history and cultures.

2) The story contains strong female characters in major roles. Why is this?

I am a committed feminist and wanted to create strong, capable role models for women and girls in a story that all genders would enjoy. The characters, both male and female, are whole and complex people with strengths, weaknesses, motivations and goals that cause them inner conflict.

3) What inspired you to not only include the words of songs but to compose musical scores?

I am a musician and composer as well as an author. It was great fun to pen both the novel and the music.

4) Why did you include the persecution of minorities in the story?

The scenes are based on historical incidents such as Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany. Despots and oppression of minorities are nothing new. I wanted to make a statement about that in a way that fit into the book without slowing the story.


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