Wednesday’s Word: L. P. Suzanne Atkinson presents “Didn’t Stand A Chance”

Introducing author L. P. Suzanne Atkinson. Her first book, Emily’s Will Be Done, was released in 2016. The first book in the Stella Kirk Mysteries, No Visible Means, was released in 2019. The second book was launched this spring. In this interview, she shares a little about her most recent book, Didn’t Stand a Chance.

1) Is Didn’t Stand a Chance a series? What genre is it? What age group is it geared towards?

Didn’t Stand a Chance: A Stella Kirk Mystery # 2 is the second book in the series. The Stella Kirk Mysteries are traditional cozy mysteries. My audience tends to be women aged 30 years and up, but I get a remarkable amount of feedback and comments from men, as well.

2) In a few short sentences, tell us about Didn’t Stand a Chance. Give us a glimpse of the plot without giving away any spoilers.

The assumed accidental death of a young bride leads Detective Aiden North and Stella Kirk, the owner of Shale Cliffs RV Park, into an investigation fraught with sibling secrets, revealing choices, and unforgivable misunderstandings. Which family member holds the ultimate power of influence? Will Lucy Painter’s murder be confirmed? Will the perpetrator be exposed or will family ties be unbreakable until the end? This mystery illustrates how perceived sacrifice and devotion can be twisted into horrible results for a family.

3) Who is the main character in this book? What is her name, where does she live, what’s her profession and what do you like about her?

Stella Kirk is a 46 year old single woman who left her career as a journalist to return to her home town and take over the running of the family RV park when her father started to dissolve into dementia after the death of her mother. The park is situated on a isthmus in eastern Canada – a location which supports the village of Shale Harbour and surrounding farmland and cottages.

Stella is riddled with insecurities. Her park manager and lover is nine years her junior, devoted to her, and supportive, although she struggles to believe their relationship is more than an interlude for him.

Her father has forgotten her but remembers her sister Trixie, the fashionista who hates the park. Stella possesses the uncanny ability to discover answers to questions not yet asked. She represents the aging woman who never feels adequate, no matter their accomplishments.

4) What inspired you to write Didn’t Stand a Chance?

Each of the Stella Kirk mysteries is inspired by a true story I have seen, at some point, in the news and manipulated to suit my purpose. Cozy mysteries are neither procedural nor technical. They are character driven. This series is set in the 1980s, when the convenience of cell phones and computers searches are non-existent.

The stories explore the human condition. The majority of non-accidental murders begin with issues of love or money, in one form or another. Why will someone take a life and someone else will not? What pushes people to their limit?

5) Where can readers buy Didn’t Stand a Chance and connect with you online?

Readers can access my books via all platforms and can order from any bookstore. Chapters, here in Halifax, has a few copies of some titles. I can be contacted directly via my website or Facebook author page, and will happily send out a signed copy or arrange to meet – following all precautions, of course.

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Word: L. P. Suzanne Atkinson presents “Didn’t Stand A Chance”

  1. Good morning, Diane. Thanks so much for the opportunity to do this. I am in the process of sharing on social media, with a small date correction. Emily was first published in July 2013 – There were 5 additional books before Stella came along. Hard to keep track, I know, and I focused on Stella # 2 for your blog. Will post to both my FB pages as well as my Goodreads blog today, and share on GWAC FB page tomorrow. Thanks again.



    • Thank you, Suzanne. I’ve already shared on Twitter, and will get it on Facebook soon. As with all my author interviews, I share them multiple times during the month. Thanks for providing the date correction.

      And thank you for participating in Wednesday’s Word. Best wishes to you and your books.


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