Freedom to Choose

This is not about writing; it’s about freedom. Freedom is what every human wants and deserves. Without freedom, we are slaves. Without freedom, we do not prosper. Without freedom, we do not have personal rights. I would give up everything for freedom.

Freedom is what my father, my grandfather and all veterans fought for in the great wars. Freedom is what our ancestors sought when they left countries where they were mere peasants under a monarch’s rule. Freedom is the ultimate goal in every society.

Fighting Against Freedom

There’s been horrible rumblings in society over the past ten months about taking away a person’s freedom to choose what goes into their body. I’m going to come right out and say this, and if you don’t like it, too bad.

This is my body. I decide what goes into it and what doesn’t. If you think otherwise and try to go against my choice, you’re in for a fight. I don’t care about your health as much as I care about mine. I’m not threatening my health to appease you. I am NOT responsible for your health – you are!

To think otherwise is foolish. To think otherwise means I have the right to tell you how to live your life to better your health. That means no more cigarettes or recreational drugs. No more three meals a day; you’re down to two. Watching TV for more than four hours a week? Not anymore. You don’t spend a minimum of two hours outside walking or doing another activity regardless of the weather? Get off the couch! Pig out on six donuts? Nope. Drink pop? Not on my watch.

Are you getting the picture?

People have used every device since the beginning of time to destroy their health, and they want me to destroy mine over an illness with a 99.5% survival rate.

Do you know, even the Spanish flu that allegedly killed millions lasted only two years and had no vaccine intervention?

But this post is not about what might kill us during our lifetime. It’s about freedom to choose during our lifetime.

Remember this: It’s easier to relinquish control to government;

difficult to get it back.


The best thing about Canada, nay North America, is our freedom. Only a fool would advocate for it to be taken away. But that’s what many are begging for. They want government to force us to put things into our body whether we want it or not.

The biggest problem with this isn’t the success or failure rate or the life-long illnesses resulting for some or those who will die from the treatment of such ‘medicines’. It’s the slippery slope the government exists on. It’s a vaccine today. Tomorrow, they may force people to give blood. Next year, mandatory organ donation instead of the volunteer system we now have.

Think I’m foolish? I don’t put anything past government. Just ten years ago, I didn’t think they’d be as insane and immature as they are, but they’ve proven me wrong.

If you want a vaccine for the flu, you have every right to get it; it’s your choice. After you’ve done your research, reading both sides of the argument and seeking out alternative sources (other than mainstream media) to learn all you can to make an informed decision, if you roll up your sleeve and get the shot, be at peace with your choice.

I will not shame you for doing so even if I disagree. After all, if the vaccine works like it’s supposed to, you will have a suit of armour against the flu while those who don’t get it will have no protection (except our immune system). You will be a warrior, fearless in public and have no worries about falling sick even if everyone is sick around you.

Take advantage of your freedom and choose wisely. Make the choice that suits you best.

But don’t dare think you have the right to make that choice for me.

Be kind to your future self.

Update: Tuesday December 15, 2020: I’ve closed comments on this post. There are strong opinions on both sides of the argument. I stand by mine. You stand by yours. In Canada, we have the freedom to do that.

I’ve spent several hours constructing responses to comments, and I don’t wish to spend more time or energy on this topic. Anything more and we’ll be going in circles and repeating what has already been said. I have a life to live, and this negative energy is not good for my health. I have better things to think about, such as making cookies, finishing the duck house and writing my next book.

Let’s return to this topic in two years and see what hindsight gives us. Enjoy this moment. It’s all we ever get.

15 thoughts on “Freedom to Choose

  1. continued …

    receptionist – be required to do the extra work, with the added pressure and strain, just because you and others who follow you, have been selfish. The long-term effects of COVID means the strain on the health system will be ongoing.
    (An aside: all survivors of COVID-19 will have pre-existing conditions just by virtue of having had it.)

    The Mayo Clinic includes organ damage (to the heart, lungs, brain) in their partial list of long-term effects of COVID -19, and also impairment to kidneys, liver and blood vessels. Apparently this is due to the significant cellular level damage caused by COVID-19.
    Why should a cancer patient, for example, have to wait for life-saving care because you and other non-COVID vaccinationists are clogging up the medical system?

    We don’t lose the freedom to choose if we take the vaccine, Diane. Freedom comes with the responsibility to protect and respect others.
    “The choice” is to accept that responsibility. The same as those who fought in the great wars did – for us – whom you mentioned in the beginning.


  2. Diane;

    I object to you being selfish in the name of freedom.
    What if your father, your grandfather and all the other veterans in the great wars had said, “I am free. I am not going to put myself in harm’s way for you or anyone else.” That’s the same as you saying, “I don’t care about your health as much as I care about mine.”
    You are comparing apples and oranges. They didn’t say that because they were not personally selfish – as you are being. They risked (and some sacrificed) themselves in the name of others, a freedom in the name of ”the ultimate goal in every society”.

    And I object to you saying, “Also, many (not all) of those seniors who died were better off.”
    You are not God – so it’s not for you to say they would be better off (even if you did try to explain away the likely criticism for your words). Those seniors are your fellow human beings – either your friends, your family, your colleagues, your bosses, your kids’ teachers, your neighbours, your fellow church members – or someone else’s’.

    Just because it is your personal belief that “I NEVER want to live like that. I’d rather be dead” – not all of the rest of us think like that.
    Those patients “who don’t even know who they are let along where they are”- probably do not wish themselves dead. I know people who have been like that – in an extended coma, one does not know who or where they are – and they did not desire death.
    Their immediate concerns were more basic: Am I warm enough? Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I in pain? Etc. In nursing homes, basic needs such as those are usually quite well taken care of.

    If your mother is having “moments of clarity”, she is not in the “final stages of Alzheimer’s Disease”, believe me. She may wish she were dead – but not by dying after weeks and possibly months of the strangulation (not being able to breathe) caused by COVID-19. She does not cry “to die” in the COVID-19 manner.

    You do not have the right to refuse a vaccine IF you are still living or shopping in a community of people who may be adversely affected by your refusal, those who may not have received a vaccine due to their underlying health conditions. Or those who may not be able to get medical care and attention because you are using the medical resources they need. Taking a vaccine is an act you take on behalf of that community.

    Neither should you be permitted to receive any medical care if – or when – you get COVID-19. Nor care for any other medical need you may have, or may develop, in the future. Why should any medical personnel – including the doctor’s


    • Jane, I object to you thinking you can take away my right to choose. I object to your fears dictating what I do.

      My father chose to enlist. He was not forced, so he had the freedom to walk away just like many men had. So your point here has no grounds.

      I have some horrible news for you, Jane: everyone dies. It doesn’t matter what you or I do, people die. Sadly, not everyone lives. Those clinging to life, prolonging death, are better off dead, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

      That doesn’t make me any sort of god you believe in. That’s just life. I suppose if you don’t believe in anything after death, you’d believe this is the end all that ends all. I don’t see it that way. I see it as setting the soul free from the body that has imprisoned it when it can no longer function properly.

      While living with my mother’s condition, there are many in my family who claim, “they’d rather be dead.” You choose and believe otherwise. You have the right to do that.

      Playing God: Why is it called “playing god” only when taking or damaging a life is concerned? What about saving a life? Every time someone intervenes and saves a life, they are “playing god”. One could even call vaccines playing god. After all, you are changing what some god intended to happen. Shall we let nature takes it course? Shall we let only the strong survive? Many people are alive today because doctors “played god”.

      Refused Medical Care Because I Don’t Get the Flu Vaccine: So glad you brought this up. I think of this every time I see someone smoke a cigarette, do recreational drugs, stuff their face with all sorts of unhealthy food when they’re already 60 pounds overweight and lay about doing nothing but vegetate in front of the TV for hours upon hours a week. I think to myself, why are we wasting resources on these people who don’t take care of themselves?

      If these unhealthy people just got off their ass and moved and chose water instead pop, chose an apple over all that processed junk food government permits stores to sell, then they may not need to go to the doctor as much. Obesity is killing the population far faster than this (wait for it) Wuhan Flu or any flu for that matter.

      Good grief, if the population wasn’t so fat, they’d have fewer health conditions, and this flu wouldn’t be running like wildfire. Obesity equals poorly run immune systems. If the government tackled obesity like this political flu, then millions would be saved from death and from suffering from all sorts of health issues.

      Have you read where I haven’t had a cold since 2014? Because I take care of my health. The only time I recall having the flu when I was 13. That wasn’t yesterday. Why don’t I get sick while those around me spread germs in the air? I take care of my immune system, and it takes care of me.

      So what you’re saying is, you want me to risk my health for the good of the community. Not going to happen.

      Here’s a News Flash: Everyone who lives risks dying. Life is risky, but I’ll take it instead of living in a cellar surrounded by bubble wrap. Those who believe safety is first are living an extremely limited life. It’s 3rd. Adventure is 1st. Knowledge is 2nd. Without the adventure, no knowledge is gained. Without knowledge, we are less safe. That’s how I live my life. You can have the right to choose how you live. Choose wisely; you get only one life in this particular flesh and bone body.

      Selfishness: You’re damn right I will be selfish when it comes to my health. I am number one. The government is the last organisation I’d put in charge of my health.

      Thankfully, I won’t be the only selfish person in my community. Others are wise enough to know this vaccine isn’t the one to choose to improve or protect their health. They either never had a flu shot (like me) and/or know someone who had one with negative effects or they themselves had the flu shot and were sick more than usual.

      After you’ve considered all the risks of the flu vaccine and you still want to get, go ahead. Be the hero you think you are. As I said in my post, if the vaccine works like the “experts” claim, you will be invincible. You can go about your daily activities flu-free because you have armour to protect you. If you encounter someone like me, who chose not to get the vaccine, you can snicker about how foolish they were.

      The propaganda touted is this: If I don’t get the vaccine, that means I can make you sick. How stupid is that? The ones with the vaccine are suppose to the lucky ones, and I’m suppose to suffer with the flu because I didn’t get it.

      If there are 30 people in a room and 29 have the vaccine and one doesn’t, why is that one risking the lives of the 29? If anything, the 29 people, who may be carrying flu germs without knowing it would be risking the life of that one person. But the propaganda doesn’t want you to think like that. They want everyone vaccinated without question.

      As for my mother being in the final stages of Alzheimer’s, you’ll have to debate that with her doctor who has been evaluating her for the past six years. When we were called into her office in the spring of 2019 for an update, that’s what she said: final stage. Not my words; hers. If you could show her your PhD, maybe she’d accept your diagnoses instead.

      That day we (my siblings and I) met with Mom’s doctor, we had to make medical decisions on my mother’s behalf. From that day forth, there would be no resuscitation and if she suffered anything major (stroke, broken hip, heart attack), she’s to be made comfortable but nature was to take its course. Having these discussions were the most difficult ones I’ve ever had. I learned that day, I had to let go. My mother wouldn’t live forever.

      This, along with the many other things around my mother and the family home, made 2019 the worst year in my life. My life in 2020 has been exceptionally good. In fact, it’s one of the best years of my life. I have no regrets, no fears. I’m no longer living in the past. I made a series of posts in May and June of 2019 that explains a little about rediscovering inner strength, releasing guilt and fear, and freedom. The internal changes were incredible. Perhaps you need a confidence booster. The first of four posts start here:

      From your string of comments, I see you have been receiving your daily dose of fear from mainstream media for months. Congratulations. You are exactly what the government wants: someone running scared, obeying without question and not thinking for themselves.

      Fear is thought only. I gave up fear almost two years ago. Robert Downey Jr. said it best: “Fear is praying for something bad to happen.”

      My response to that is, “I don’t pray.”

      Obviously, you do.

      I’ve tried to be as gentle as I could seeing that you have presented yourself as a delicate individual living in fear. If we talked about this face-to-face, my stance would have been stronger with stronger language. Blunt even. But I don’t want to stress you more than you already are. Stress damages the immune system.

      I suggest you turn off the news, make yourself a nice peppermint tea, dim the lights, light a candle and put on soft instrumental music. Do this for an hour a day, every day. Your immune system will thank you.

      PS: You wrote: ‘“The choice” is to accept that responsibility.’ I write: That’s not a choice. That’s a word salad. The choice is to accept responsibility for your health.

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  3. Yes, everyone should have the freedom to choose whether or not to have the vaccine. In that I agree with you, but some of your statistics are faulty.
    In fact, it’s around 3.5% rather than 0.5% death rate. One set of stats I read said it’s 1 in 20 will likely die. Flu kills fewer than 1%.
    You mention flu twice. Are you equating Covid-19 (which is an anacronym for Corona Virus Identity 19 because it was first identified in 2019) with flu? It’s not. It’s simply one of many corona viruses. If you compare it to flu, that’s like saying a cat is the same as a lion because they both belong to the genus felis. I doubt you would take in a lion as a pet, rather than a normal moggie.
    Incidentally, the name Covid-19 is the name of the disease. The name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2. (From WHO website.) This is more scary than coronavirus.
    The disease is more like pneumonia than flu. Yes, many people will survive, and many people will only get mild symptoms, but many will die, and many more be left with long-term problems. These are relatively short long-term symptoms, like excessive tiredness for 4-8 weeks, but there are other more serious ones.
    (From UK Government website.)
    It can cause respiratory symptoms and conditions such as chronic cough, shortness of breath, lung inflammation and fibrosis, and pulmonary vascular disease.
    cardiovascular symptoms and disease such as chest tightness, acute myocarditis and heart failure.
    protracted loss or change of smell and taste.
    mental health problems including depression, anxiety and cognitive difficulties.
    inflammatory disorders such as myalgia, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, Guillain-Barre syndrome, or neuralgic amyotrophy.
    gastrointestinal disturbance with diarrhoea.
    continuing headaches.
    fatigue, weakness and sleeplessness.
    liver and kidney dysfunction.
    clotting disorders and thrombosis.
    skin rashes.
    This is a nasty disease. Anyone can get it. It’s not just the elderly and people with underlying health issues. Young, healthy people have died or been left severely impaired.
    So, while I agree, no one should be forced to be immunised, I think everyone should seriously consider their attitude. You might get it mildly and be over it in a couple of weeks, but you might end up severely ill and with long lasting serious problems. And you might pass it to your own loved ones who may be more vulnerable than you.
    We all hate the restrictions put on us, I’m sure. There are 2 ways we can help.
    1. Socially distance. In the UK this doesn’t happen much any more. People are standing talking less than a metre apart, congregating in large groups for demonstrations and passing each other on the street within 1 metre.
    2. Take the vaccine. We eliminated smallpox by vaccination. Polio is now a rare disease because of vaccination.
    These are the two best ways of beating this thing.


    • V. M. Sang, while I respect your opinion, I do not share them. Numbers are skewed. They tell a half truth, which means they also tell a half lie. I’ve known several who had tested positive and they recovered with no issues. It was just the flu.

      The majority of those who died in Canada were in long-term health facilities. (I posted the link in a reply to Art’s comment that contains this information). This may sound cruel, but I’m going to say it anyways. Many of these seniors would have died anyways within the year because they were very unwell. Also, many (not all) of those seniors who died were better off.

      Stop. I know what you’re thinking: How could I write that? Even if it’s true. I say this knowing full well it is an extremely unpopular thought. However, I’ve been to nursing homes, and I leave there feeling extremely sorry for some of the patients who don’t even know who they are let alone where they are. I NEVER want to live like that. I’d rather be dead.

      Each time I see my mother, who has lived an extremely full life and is 93 years old, she tells me at least once during our conversation that she’s praying to die. She is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, and in moments of clarity, she wishes she was dead. She cries to die. If she got this flu and died, her prayers would be answered.

      We learn at a very young age that we don’t live forever. There is an expire date and those in long-term care facilities are closer to that date than the rest of us — mind you, we never know when our time is up.

      Am I brushing seniors away without thought? By no means. I grew up in a large family with many seniors. I highly respect them, and that only fuels my desire to see them well and not suffer years without a descent life. We are not living longer; we are dying longer.

      You have every right to get the vaccine. Good luck. I have every right to refuse it.


  4. Sorry , Diane, I missed a point I had planned to include. You mentioned the Spanish Flu only lasted two years without a vaccine. True. At the same time, 50,000,000 people died worldwide, 50,000 Canadians and 2000 Nova Scotians. The majority of those deaths were in the second wave. In Halifax, many wore masks and there was a six week lockdown. Handwashing and face touching less so.


  5. Interesting rant, Diane.
    I hope your main beef is your freedom to choose and not that you are an anti-vaxer. If you are, don’t think I am tying to change your mind. I’ve learned that is impossible. Anti-vaxers generally aren’t open to discussion.
    A couple of quick points to start. You mention a 99.5% survival rate. That could be true, not sure where your numbers come from. In Canada there were 13,109 deaths out of 442,069 confirmed cases or 2.95% of the victims died, That is almost 6 times what you are suggesting. Four point six percent in Nova Scotia and 2.27 percent worldwide
    I respect your right to make your own choice. I hope you make it wisely.
    In the early part of the last century the average life expectancy in Canada was less than 60 years old. Today it is in the low 80s. It is not that people didn’t live to be old back than. Many survived into their 80s and 90s. The child morality rate was much, much higher than today which attributes to the change.
    Diphtheria, TB, pneumonia, polio all contributed to these deaths. A stroll through any of the cemeteries in the province dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s will provide ample evidence of this.

    The changes in life expectancy in children were in part brought on by the gradual introductions of various vaccines over the early to mid part of the 20th century. You may think this is ancient history. My grandfather played with many of these victims of diphtheria. My father lived through the teens and twenties when so many kids and young adults were dying.
    As an aside, smallpox that ran rampant in Canada never had a cure found for it. Instead through vaccinations it was obliterated worldwide.
    So that brings us to today and a vaccine for Covod-19. Outside of the controversial flu vaccine we get every year, most adults don’t give the matter much thought. Now suddenly they are being confronted with the possibility. I agree the choice is yours, but as I said earlier, choose wisely.


    • I agree wholehearatedly with you, Art Buxton.
      One of the problems with Covid-10 is the likening it to flu. Yes, it’s a corona virus and so is flu, but there the similarity ends. The mistake that was made is saying it was in the corona virus family, which includes flu and the common cold. People then equated it with those diseases. In fact, it’s more like pneumonia.
      I do believe that everyone should have the right to refuse if they don’t feel safe having it, but should think very hard.


      • Thanks, V. M. Sang. The right to choose is what I stand by. We are not all the same. One fix doesn’t fit all. What is good for one is not necessarily good for another.

        Make your choice and stand by it. No regrets.


    • It’s not so much a rant as a proclamation. As I stated, “this post is not about what might kill us during our lifetime. It’s about freedom to choose during our lifetime.”

      I am not an anti-vaxer. Like all medicines and procedures, I evaluate them to see what is best for me. That might be a vaccine, getting tubes tied, taking birth control, opting to have surgery to remove a mould or deciding I want to donate one of my good kidneys to a sibling to save their life.

      My kids got the basic vaccines, and I’ll swear by the tetanus vaccine. If I hadn’t have gotten that three years ago, I’d have been off to the hospital in October when I drove a four-inch rusty spike into my foot. That’s because three years ago, a little needle prick from a thin piece of wire while cleaning out the barn swelled up my hand and paralysed it in an hour. I hadn’t had the tetanus shot since grade seven. Not because I didn’t want it; I just never got around to getting it.

      I’ve never been a fan of the flu vaccine and what I’ve heard and witnessed over the decades supports my lack of interest in getting it. Over the past five years, I’ve focussed more on my health and improved my immune system. The only time I can think of that I had the flu was when I was 13 years old. The last time I had a cold was early 2014. It’s not like I wasn’t exposed to viruses; I treated my kids throughout their illnesses, them having caught bugs from school. I’m the one up with them, wiping their noses, cleaning up their barf. I’ve seen colds and flues go through the house, and I haven’t caught them. So, I’m going to say my immune system is working extremely well.

      However, if I didn’t want any vaccines, that would be my choice, too. While calling someone an anti-vaxer might take on a negative connotation, I don’t see it that way. Society makes it a slur, but they’re just slinging mud, hoping it will stick. Whether these people choose to not vaccinate themselves or their kids due to personal reasons, a religion reason or research, that decision is up to them.

      As for stats, we could discuss them all day and neither of us would be correct. I said 99.5% because it was a generous number. I’ve seen numbers as high as 99.9% survival rate. Given the fact that many cases are not documented, the numbers you state are incorrect. These undocumented cases may be people who have a mild case of the flu and get over it without being tested. There are many reports (here in Nova Scotia even), where those with this virus are asymptomatic, which means they don’t even know they have it, and their immune system is slaying it like it’s supposed to.

      These are the reported asymptomatic people; I’m sure there are many undocumented cases, too. Perhaps I already had the virus; I worked in retail for months in the spring. I wore no mask and met thousands of people during that time. Maybe you already had it. If you had no symptoms, you’d never know.

      So for every ten cases testing positive, there may be five cases not documented.

      Then there is the age range. Those over 70 have a much higher death rate than those under 70. Those with other health conditions (obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) also have a higher death rate.

      If you check the stats here (, you’ll find the largest segment of the population who died from this in Canada are over 80. It’s the same age group that’s vulnerable to the regular flu. No surprise.

      Art, I respect your right to choose whether or not you want this flu shot. Personally, I won’t get it. I don’t need it. The risks are greater for me with the vaccine. I’d rather fight the virus if I haven’t already fought and killed it without my knowledge.

      Before anyone says there are no risks with vaccines, let me point to two stories. There are many, so do your own research. These are the two that came to my attention this week:

      2009 Swine Flu Vaccine: These NHS Staff Were Told The Swine Flu Vaccine Was Safe, And Now They’re Suffering The Consequences (

      Dengue Fever: Philippines Blames World’s First Dengue Vaccine for Children’s Deaths (

      Life Expectancy: This is a whole different subject. As a genealogist, I’m well aware of the skewed numbers of life expectancy. The simple act of the doctor washing his hands before delivering babies rose the life expectancy. Vaccines had only a small hand in keeping babies alive. I’m not saying they didn’t help, but they are far from the main reason kids survived to adulthood.

      My great-grandfather’s brother had only half his kids survive to age five. Four of them died of starvation because the family was poor.

      As for the death numbers of the Spanish Flu: Millions probably died, but there’s no way to accurately know how many million. It’s speculation. Depending on how sensational the article wants to be, they may go with 100 million world wide.

      Fun Fact: From all my genealogy research, I did not find one family member in Canada who died from the Spanish Flu. Most of them lived in rural locations and the rest, lived in small towns.

      I did research several years ago regarding one of the reasons the flu may have hit city people more: canned food, which had become popular during the war years due to lack of fresh food. Sounds crazy, right? Further research revealed that canned food is either low or void of the vitamin zinc. It’s killed in the process. Zinc is a major contributor to a healthy immune system. But don’t believe me: do your own research – come to your own conclusion.

      My personal involvement with reporters tells me to check sources and do my own research. Like many, I trusted what was printed in newspapers. That all changed about six years ago when a story I was involved in was so twisted, it made the criminal the victim. I now understand the news is presented to create a particular reaction, not to tell the truth.

      But, back to my main point: Government should never have the right to control what goes into our body. For them to take control is communism. The government won’t be there if a patient suffers side effects. The drug companies that develop these vaccines are not held responsible if something goes wrong. There is no compensation; those who suffer, will have to live with it.

      I can’t stress this enough: once you give up power to the government, it’s near impossible to get it back.


    • Thank you, Bea. I’ve been rolling this over in my head for a few weeks, so decided to put it into words. I fear if we don’t make our voices heard, those fighting for mandatory vaccines will win without opposition. Then the real fight begins.


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