Assessing 2020 Goals and Making 2021 Goals

If I had to wrap up the year 2020 in one word, that would be extreme. Was anything moderate except the weather? Some rode the wave of this extreme while others were sucked beneath the wave where the undertow tossed them around.

Me, I watched from the sidelines when I wasn’t busy on an adventure.

Assessing 2020

This is the day of the year I assess the goals I had made for 2020. Given the extreme energy in the air, some of those goals were met, some were not, some were exceeded.

Writing Goals

The books I had planned to write were…

  • Within the Myst: Book 2 in the Mystical series
  • Gathered Stones: Book 5 Castle Keepers series
  • The Helmsman: Young Adult Fantasy stand-alone novel
  • Origin of the Stones: Book 6 Castle Keepers series

Here’s what actually happened. The words written went to these books.

  • Seeds of Life: A stand-alone dystopian novel: First Draft Complete
  • Within the Myst: Book 2 in the Mystical Series: 20,105 words written
  • Gathered Stones: Book 5 Castle Keepers series: 19,284 words written
  • Plus a few short stories completed

Publishing Goals

Healing Stones

The books I had planned to publish were… (all are in the Castle Keepers series except where noted)

  • January: Healing Stones: Book 4
  • September: Northern Survival
  • Summer: Within the Myst: Book 2 Mystical Series
  • December: Gathered Stones: Book 5 Castle Keepers series
  • Possibly: A Shore of Her Own: Contemporary coming of age, romance novel

Here’s what actually happened. The books published in 2020 were…

  • Healing Stones
  • Northern Survival
  • The Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes

The hours of working outside the house, gardening and outdoor adventures over the summer affected my writing and publishing. I’ll accept that for the wonderful experiences I enjoyed.

Blog Writing Goals

  • Diana Tibert Blog (52 blog posts, one a week): 63 posts made
  • Diane Lynn McGyver Blog (52 blog posts, one a week): 66 posts made

Business Goals

  • Attend six markets to sell books: No markets were attended
  • Increase book sales monthly: This has happened, mostly in the last quarter
  • Put my books into 3 local book stores: Did not happen

Personal Goals

  • Take a Hike: Liscomb River, July 2nd (photos above)
  • Go to 3 places I’ve never been before: On the day I picked up my boat, I visited Barrington Passage and Shag Harbour. While there, I visited the Shag Harbour UFO Centre (photo below). This place has been on my list for a few years, but distance and other factors have kept me from visiting and attending events there. If you’ve never heard of the incident that took place off the shore in early October 1967, check it out. It is the best documented UFO sighting. Impact to Contact – The Shag Harbour Incident by Graham Simms and Chris Styles details what happened. It’s supported by interviews, witnesses, newspaper accounts and government documents.
  • Attend 3 concerts: Did not happen
  • Buy a boat: mission accomplished. This boat took me to many places I’d not been before.
  • Go fishing more often: I did several times
  • Go camping more often: I went to the camp several times
  • Attend HalCon as a character: Did not attend
  • Declutter the House (68% done)
  • Start building my camp: Did not happen
My 12-foot Bevin Skiff arriving home.
My boat’s first day on the water.
The places my boat can take me are miles away from people, places you can’t reach by truck or foot.

So what’s in store for 2021?

I call this new year Transition year. I’m shedding the old me, at least the parts that won’t benefit me in the coming years. The new me will slowly emerge over the next 12 months as I complete this phase in my life.

It will be exiting, painful, exhausting and well worth it.

Given my focus on self-development, my writing and publishing goals for 2021 will be modest. While I’ll have the first three months and hopefully the last two months of the year to write, the other seven months will be spent on other endeavours.

2021 Writing Goals

Complete the drafts of two books.

  • Within the Myst: Book 2 in the Mystical Series
  • Gathered Stones: Book 5 Castle Keepers series

2021 Publishing Goals

Publish two books.

  • Seeds of Life – my first dystopian novel
  • Within the Myst

2021 Blogging Goals

  • Diana Tibert Blog: 26 posts
  • Diane McGyver Blog: 52 posts

2021 Business Goals

  • Increase book sales monthly by continuing and building on marketing strategies
  • Put my books into 3 local book stores

Personal Goals

  • Take a hike – yes, I want more hiking, not less
  • Go to 3 places I’ve never been before
  • Finishing decluttering the house (68% done)
  • Start building my camp

My Motto for 2021

As always, a quote or philosophy inspires me and I write it where I can see it every day and keep it in my mind until it becomes part of me. Last year I had two:

  • Time is irrelevant; it’s distance that matters.
  • Life is an adventure; don’t take yourself too seriously. In other words, live like Captain Jack Sparrow.

This year, my motto is: Be kind to your future self

Be kind to your future self: I’ve already included this at the end of several posts over the past six weeks. But what does it mean? While the idea had shadowed me, I hadn’t put it into words, but Matthew McConaughey did. I was watching an interview he was giving for his book Greenlights, and when he said those words, I hit pause and thought about it. Yeah. He was right. I continued watching, and he explained this is the simplest terms.

When he stumbles to the kitchen in the morning for his first cup of coffee, all he has to do is hit the button on the coffee machine and wait until the process is done. It’s because the night before, he put the coffee in the machine.

While I’ve never made coffee (I don’t drink it), I can easily apply this logic to my life. These little things we do each day to make our tomorrow better take little effort but the benefits are immense. I think many people today are being cruel to their future self. I see it in their frustration by missing something by five minutes, fumbling with things that should have been prepared yesterday and paying more for the convenience of having someone else do it even though they are short on money.

Now when I think of putting something off for another time, I tell myself to be kind to me. If it will benefit me, I do it. When I benefit from that kindness, I thank myself.

Lots of time was spent in the garden.

2021, here I come.

4 thoughts on “Assessing 2020 Goals and Making 2021 Goals

  1. You did very well, Diane. Good goals for next year too. All doable. I love the Be kind to your future self motto. Being prepared reduces so much stress. All the best for 2021!!


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